Smartphone apps to assist with hearing

Smartphone Apps to Assist with Hearing

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Do you struggle with hearing loss? Ever wished there was an app for that? Join the iPhone generation, and download some of these cool apps that will help you with everything from communication to entertainment, and let your smartphone do the hard work for you.

Deaf Wake

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and no one wants to head to the office on an empty stomach. What do you do if you have trouble hearing your alarm, and find yourself rushing out the door in a panic most mornings?

Deaf Wake is the answer you’ve been looking for. Don’t sleep with your phone and hope the vibrating wakes you up. Deaf Wake works wonders from the night stand. It uses every possible part of your iPhone, and features LED, vibration, and visual alarms like a camera flash, a flashing screen, or sound. You’re in control, and the app allows you to use multiple alarms at the same time, so you can have an alarm that both vibrates and flashes that will be sure to get you out of bed on time. For daytime alarms or reminders, you can use more subtle alarms like a silent flashing screen. This app also works alongside your Apple Watch, and you can adjust your alarms from the watch. Download this app for $1.99.


Safety can be a major issue for those with hearing loss. Whether it’s missing the fire alarm, or not hearing the car honking as you’re crossing the road, living with hearing loss can put your safety at risk. Don’t worry, there’s an app for that too. BeWarned detects dangerous sounds such as alarms, sirens, or even screams. It the notifies you visually, so you know what’s happening in your surroundings. This app isn’t just about safety though. With the Connect function it can converts speech into text and text into speech for easy communication in any situation. Finally, the Dance feature enhances your experience of music, by adding vibration and lights. This multipurpose app is completely free.

Subtitles Viewer!

Watching any form of media, from YouTube videos to films, can be one of the most frustrating experience for those with hearing loss. It’s easy to put on subtitles when you’re watching at home, but Subtitles Viewer! is a lifesaver when it comes to enjoying media when you’re at a friend’s house or in the cinema. Your smartphone syncs with the TV, or even big screen at your favorite movie theatre to provide subtitles in the palm of your hand. Subtitles Viewer! was designed to make viewing fun again rather than a cause for frustration. It’s free to try, and unlimited subtitles come with a paid Pro version. The app provides subtitles for TV series as well as movies, sourced from the massive online subtitles database at Subtitles can be found in many languages, including English, Spanish, German, and French.

Jacoti ListenApp

This hearing aid app is perfect for all the sounds in your life, whether they’re coming from the outside world or from a phone app. After downloading the app, you can take an online hearing test, or input your results from a recent hearing test. The app then calibrates to correct your unique hearing challenges. This free app works a bit like a hearing aid, processing and amplifying the sounds around you and making it easier to hear. Using Apple EarPods earphones, the app allows you to separate sound processing in each ear and adjusting bass and treble settings makes it easier to focus in on voices, follow conversations, and interact with third party apps. It runs in the background as you listen to music, or surf the internet, so you’ll have amplification whenever you need it.

Struggling to survive each and every day with hearing loss is not fun. We get it. That’s why our team of hearing professionals are here to help. Visit us today at one of our My Hearing Centers locations for a hearing assessment, and see the latest in hearing technology. We’ll help you pick the hearing device that matches your needs and gives you back your independence. For more information on the amazing apps out there that will simplify your life with just one tap, check out