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Ear School Hearing Seminars

As a free service, we offer periodic educational seminars where you can receive an overview of what causes hearing loss, the effects of a loss, and current types of treatment. We believe every person should be educated on hearing loss before they make a purchase. If you are not able to attend a seminar, we also offer free in-office consultations along with your free hearing test that will help educate you on your loss.

To reserve your seat at one of our Free seminars, select the nearest My Hearing Center location. Then register for the next seminar in your area. We provide Free lunch or dinner for you to enjoy as our way of saying thank you for attending. Please take advantage of our free services and don’t let your hearing loss hold you back another day from enjoying life to its fullest.If you are having trouble finding a seminar in your area, contact us by simply calling this number (877) 330-2920.

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