ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids, founded in 1943. Committed to helping people rediscover hearing, ReSound has produced some exciting hearing technology over the years. ReSound was the first to develop an open-standard digital chip, as well as Wide Dynamic Range compression sound processing and Digital Feedback Suppression – all of which provide wearers of their hearing aids with natural, clear sound and a comfortable listening experience. Currently, ReSound is represented in 80 countries and collect data for product development from research centers worldwide.

LiNX2: Made for iPhone Hearing Aid

ReSound’s LiNX2 improves upon the first generation LiNX, a Made for iPhone hearing aid. The LiNX2 enables wearers to connect wirelessly to their smartphones and other electronic devices, opening up a world of accessibility. Wearers are able to stream their phone calls, music, and other media directly from their devices to their LiNX2 hearing aids. In terms of listening experience, the LiNX2 updates the features that made the LiNX great: Surround Sound, which assists wearers in location the source of sound and provides 360 degree spectrum of sound; New Binaural Directionality II and Spatial Sense, both of which support the brain’s natural ability to process and locate sounds; and improved speech recognition. For a seamless listening experience, the ReSound LiNX2 offers a geo-tagging function, which saves wearers’ preferences in different sound environments and automatically readjusts when wearers return to those spots.

ReSound ENZO2

For people who experience severe to profound hearing loss, the ENZO2 is a powerful hearing solution. Like the LiNX2, the ENZO2 has wireless capabilities to connect with smartphones and electronic devices. All of the same features of the LiNX2 are amped up for the ENZO2, to provide a stronger sound signal for people with higher degrees of hearing loss. Surround Sound amplifies sounds and eliminates background noise. With the ReSound Smart App, the ENZO2 offers a number of program features, such as speech focus to aid with speech recognition, comfort in noise which eliminates background noise, and comfort in wind which balances sound signals between two hearing aids in windy situations. The ENZO2 further amplifies sound for wearers with the Live Listen function on the Smart App, which turns the smartphone’s microphone into an assistive listening device. The amplified sound from Live Listen streams directly to the ENZO2. ENZO2 is worn in the behind-the-ear style.

Other Features and Styles

LiNX2 and ENZO2 offer tinnitus therapy. The LiNX2 is available in completely-in-canal, invisible-in-canal, receiver-in-canal, in-the-ear, and behind-the-ear models, while ENZO2 is worn in the behind-the-ear style. The ReSound Smart App allows wearers to control balance and tone in music and conversation, against background noise. ReSound also offers assistive listening accessories, such as the TV Streamer to connect home entertainment systems to the hearing aids, as well as a personal mini microphone that directly streams voices and sounds. A Phone Clip and a Remote Control increase accessibility for wearers, while giving them ease of control over their devices and hearing aids.

ReSound Hearing Aids Styles and Features

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