Lifestyle Considerations

Consider Your Hearing Lifestyle

When choosing a hearing instrument, it is important to think about your lifestyle. This process is more than just getting the best technology. The Specialist will help make sure that you get the best technology for you. You and the Specialist will identifying where most of your hearing situations occur and pair you up with the solution.

The categories below are where most people encounter hearing difficulties. Assess where you find yourself, and make sure this is part of the decision when selecting hearing instruments.

Quiet Conversations

Most quiet conversations are personal and happen in the home. These communications are often some of our most cherished experiences. Ask yourself: Do others tell me that the television is too loud? Do I often ask my spouse or loved ones to repeat themselves? Do I struggle with talking on the phone? Do I struggle to understand someone if their back is turned or they are speaking at a short distance from another room.

Speech In Noise

Life is very rarely a spectator sport. People like to be surrounded by their friends and family. Whether in the outdoors, at a restaurant, in a meeting, or somewhere noise is present, we often encounter noise that decreases our ability to understand speech and can impact our ability to communicate.

Ask yourself: Do I feel disconnected when I am in large groups? Am I embarrassed to speak during meetings because I don’t always know what is being said? Do I have to look to others to answer questions for me? Do I tune out the conversation all together when encountered with a noisy situation? Have I responded to a question posed by someone that was completely off topic?

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