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The Swiss manufacturer Phonak was founded in 1947 and has been committed to reconnecting people to their passions and loved ones with innovative hearing technology. Phonak has also been instrument in raising awareness and eliminating taboos about hearing loss, vowing not to rest until “wearing a hearing aid is as simple and routine as eyeglasses or contact lenses.” Along with their activism, Phonak has a long history of innovation, with the SuperFront hearing aid in 1978, AudioZoom multi-microphone technology in 1999, and SmartLink, a Bluetooth-compatible hearing aid introduced in 2003.

Marvel by Phonak

The new Marvel platform means that the latest hearing device from Phonak, the Audeo Marvel, will give you a rich sound experience without limitations. While the AutoSense OS 3.0 technology scans the listening environment, and automatically adapts to provide you with a personalized listening experience, the Binaural Voice Stream Technology streams the full audio bandwidth bidirectionally. Phonak knows that two ears are better than one, and this new technology empowers you to use both your ears to hear all the sounds around you.


Lyric - Truly Invisible Hearing Aids

Lyric is the first fully invisible hearing aid that can be worn up to four months without removal. The first of its kind, Lyric is known as a “contact lens for the ear” and may remain inserted in the ear canal throughout the day, even in the shower or the swimming pool. The Lyric must be inserted in the ear canal by an audiologist, where it sits near the eardrum. For people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss, the Lyric is a convenient and seamless hearing solution, delivering high-quality sound by working with the ear’s natural anatomy. Unlike other invisible hearing aids, the Lyric is designed to reduce background noise and to improve high-frequency sounds. When the battery nears the end of its life, your audiologist will remove the Lyric and replace it with a new one.


Phonak Styles and Models

Phonak’s three most popular models are the Audéo, Virto, and Bolero hearing aids, which are available in different power levels to meet varying degrees of hearing loss. Audéo is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid, Virto is a customizable in-the-ear hearing aid, and the Bolero is a behind-the-ear hearing aid. All three models reduce background noise to maximize sound quality, enhance speech recognition especially in challenging environments, assist wearers with hearing in cars and wind, and automatically select the best program settings depending on the environment.


Sky B

The Sky B series of hearing aids is designed specifically for children and teenagers. These hearing aids are sturdily designed to withstand the active lifestyles of young people, and come with tamper proof battery doors. They are also water and dust resistant, and are compatible with wireless devices.


The CROS B and CROS II hearing aids are designed for single-sided deafness. It balances audio signals between the hearing ear with a microphone that picks up voices and sounds on the side of the non-hearing ear. CROS, which stands for Contralateral Routing of Signal,” wirelessly transmits these signals. For children with single-sided deafness, Phonak offers the Roger hearing aid.

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