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Phonak Audéo B-R

Phonak’s newest hearing aid is the Audeo B-R, utilizing the innovative and powerful new Belong platform. The Audeo B-R features trademark Phonak elements to clarify sound, such as AutoSense OS and SoundRecover 2. These automatic features provide 20% better speech understanding. The Audeo B-R is an excellent choice for those who lead active lives and require confidence in their hearing devices.

It boasts an ergonomic design and it is easy to use – with the push of a single button and an indicator light for battery charge. The Audeo B-R was designed and built based on consumer desires for their hearing devices: a combination of communication and intelligibility, natural sound experience, connectivity, wearing comfort, tinnitus solutions, and of course, a rechargeable option.

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AutoSense Operating System

Audeo B-R offers those with hearing loss an excellent and effortless listening experience, powered by the AutoSense Operating System (OS).  AutoSense OS makes automatic adjustments to sounds, balancing and analyzing sounds as wearers move through their surroundings. This provides Audeo B-R wearers with a sense of freedom and accessibility, without the need to constantly make adjustments.

AutoSense OS addresses many of the difficulties one experiences with hearing loss. The Audeo B-R’s speech recognition features provide wearers with 60% improved speech understanding by zooming in on preferred voices in noisy environments. Another new feature offers wearers 10% improvement in soft-speech understanding.

Audéo B-R Styles

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Phonak’s Audeo B-R is designed to address mild to severe hearing loss, and is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid (with a customizable mold made to fit the wearer’s ear canals. As a rechargeable hearing aid, Audeo B-R is charged with several different options. Phonak offers a few charging stations: the Phonak Charger Case (charger, drying kid, and protective hard case); the Phonak Power Pack (ideal for short trips, where no power source is available); and the Phonak Mini-Charger (a compact size for travel).

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