It may be the smallest,
but it's bursting with features.

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Moxi now

Moxi Now is Unitron’s newest family of hearing aids, the world’s smallest receiver-in-canal model. Powered by the North Platform, the Moxi Now is the size of 2 blueberries stacked on top of each other.

Moxi Now offers comfort, streamlined aesthetics, intuitive functionality, and many of Unitron’s trademark features that elucidate speech. Speech Zone 2 adjusts microphones to focus on speech coming from any direction, and is especially useful in noisy situations. Additionally, the Binaural Spatial Processing feature activates microphones to work together to determine the direction of speech.

SoundNav, one of Unitron’s trademark features, is an automatic program that identifies and smoothly transitions sounds for wearers across different listening environments, with a special focus on conversation (see above). Moxi Now’s Sound Conductor program balances sounds to provide wearers with a comfortable and natural listening experience.

Moxi Now’s special features include adaptive directional programs to suppress and track multiple background noise sources, while frequency compression takes high-frequency sounds that may be difficult for those with hearing loss and translates them to lower frequencies for comfortable listening. The AntiShock feature softens loud sounds, such as a door slamming, that may otherwise cause discomfort with amplification.

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Moxi Now is available in three technology levels – Pro, 800, and 700. In all technology levels, Moxi Now offers natural sound balance, data logging, feedback elimination, wind control, and wireless connectivity to phones and other devices.

For those who experience tinnitus, Moxi Now is equipped with tinnitus masking technology, which provides comfort and also helps with the listening experience. With an array of colors, long battery life, and a sturdy, resistant coating, Moxi Now is designed for people with active lifestyles.