Hearing Loss Cures of the Past

Hearing Loss Cures of the Past

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Hearing loss is not a new medical condition. Hearing aids are the most common solution for this medical issue in this day and age. It is interesting to discover that all through history people have used a number of different methods to try to cure hearing loss. It ought to be known that many previous remedies have proven to be ineffective and flawed. Right now, we’re in an amazing time for hearing loss treatment, and the devices available in 2019 offer the best solutions for hearing loss.

 Strange cures and Weird Ideas

People have come up with some very strange cures and weird ideas in the attempt to alleviate deafness. Some of the cures seem to be very peculiar and the various ideas may have you raising your eyebrows because most medical professionals will not recommend trying the following ideas:

  • place a twig in your ear and keep it there all day long and during the evening hours. It ought to stay in the ear until hearing is restored according to some
  • fry peach kernels in hog lard. place the mixture into an eyedropper and put drops into each ear to clear up hearing issues
  • take some opium because there is a tale claiming it will cure loss of hearing

Beethoven had a Story to Tell

Most people have heard of Beethoven. The musical legend was in his twenties when he experienced tinnitus. This is a ringing or a buzzing in the ears. Other hearing issues may arise from tinnitus. In this day and age tinnitus can be treated and managed with the use of hearing aids and other treatments. Years ago, hearing aid technology was not available to people like Beethoven. Back then, he attempted to find doctors to help him to obtain hearing assistance. This was in Europe. The old-time cures would seem very odd in this modern day and age. Back them, hearing assistance offered the following solutions to Beethoven:

  • almond oil earplugs
  • galvanism; this is a method that passes an electrical current through the affected area. The goal is to stimulate it.
  • rest for his ears; many people believed that a good rest would cure hearing issues

The old-time cures did not work for Beethoven. He was unable to find an effective solution so he continued to create beautiful music despite his untreated hearing issues.

Odd Contraptions and Strange Tools

Loss of hearing was treated with some very odd contraptions and some very strange tools in the 19th century. Each contraption and tool had the goal of stimulating the nerves in the ears. One very large contraption would, actually, vibrate inside the inner ear. This was a very strange and odd-looking contraption that did nothing to create sound for those suffering with loss of hearing years ago. Other strange tools were used years ago and modern technology has replaced them with effective hearing devices.

An Artificial Eardrum

Artificial eardrums were supposedly an amazing solution used in the late 1800’s. It was thought that the tiny devices were going to help with resonating sound. This would be through the auditory canal supposedly. It ought to be noted, this proved to be ineffective and very painful when it was inserted into a person’s ear. Some of the artificial eardrums were made out of metal.

Wacky Solutions in 2019

Would you believe that people are still trying to cure loss of hearing with various wacky solutions in 2019? One individual made the claim that his loss of hearing had been cured with the use of hypnosis. Apparently, a healer used her delicate spirit fingers to restore hearing. After the healer placed her fingers into his ears, a few weeks passed. The gentleman claimed that his hearing had been restored and it was no longer an issue to hear. The trained medical professionals, in this modern day and age, do not believe that hypnosis with the use of spirit fingers is a cure for treating loss of hearing.

Advanced Treatments and Sensible Solutions in 2019

There are many advanced treatments and sensible solutions to help people with loss of hearing in this modern era. Advanced treatments and sensible solutions may come in the form of hearing aids and various other solutions offered by trained medical professionals. Hearing aid technology has come a long way since the old-time cures. To learn more about how contemporary hearing aids can benefit you, contact us at My Hearing Centers today!