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Try Out the Signia Nx Risk Free at My Hearing Centers

If you’ve been wanting to try out a hearing aid, but don’t want to invest money in a device until you’re sure you’ll be 100% satisfied with the results, then My Hearing Centers has an offer you won’t want to miss. Now’s your chance to try out a hearing aid risk free for 30 days!

New Hearing Aids from Signia

Signia has been making waves in the world of hearing aids with their leading designs that bring you the best in comfort and functionality. They’ve recently released their latest digital hearing aid, the Signia Nx. This digital, high-definition hearing device is clinically proven to reduce listening effort, helping you hear with minimal effort or your part. You’ll be able to focus all your energy on participating in your life, and not waste your energy straining to hear.

Natural Sound

The Signia Nx is the first hearing aid of it’s kind to replicate the natural sound of the wearer’s voice. Through their patented Own Voice Processing (OVP) program, the wearer’s voice is processed separately, so your voice won’t be distorted when wearing the hearing aid. The program detects the wearer’s voice and uses dual processing technology to separate the sounds of your own voice from sounds in the environment, meaning you’ll have the best in natural sound and spatial awareness. Hand in hand with the OVP program is Signia’s Ultra HD e2e binaural system. This program transmits sounds between the ears, and detects where sounds are coming from, so you’ll hear clearly without using a lot of energy. With Signia Nx, you’ll have a complete spatial experience like never before for the best in directionality and the ability to easily focus on what you want to hear.

Connectivity Features

Like their other hearing devices, the Nx continues to use Bluetooth streaming, so you can hear phone calls, music, the TV, or any other media right in your ear with the best in sound quality. The entire device can be controlled easily and discreetly using the myControl app 2.0. This app works with you iOS or Android device and provides advanced remote-control options such as program and volume control. It also displays noise exposure and voice activity, two of the clearest markers of hearing health and listening fatigue. The TeleLink system works with airplane mode, so you’ll still have full control of your device even when Bluetooth isn’t available via the smartphone. The app also features 360-degree microphone steering. You’ll have full control even when the important sounds aren’t happening in front of you.

A Style for Every Need

The Signia Nx hearing aid comes in 3 models to suit every lifestyle and hearing need. The Pure 312 Nx is a sleek receiver-in-canal (RIC) device that offers full connectivity, amazing performance, and the best in discretion. Your friends won’t notice you’re wearing a hearing aid, but they’ll definitely notice how well you can hear. Signia’s Pure 13 Nx is another RIC device that really packs a punch. The high-power battery in this hearing aid offers the longest streaming time and delivers a lot of power for such a small device. Finally, the Motion 13 Nx has more versatile options, and also features t-coil technology if you find yourself struggling to hear in large auditoriums, music venues, or transportation hubs.

Try a Hearing Aid for 30 Days for Free!

Want to try out the Signia Nx for free? My Hearing Centers needs you to participate in a special program call the 30-day challenge. We’re looking for a few individuals to help us test drive Signia’s new Nx hearing device, so we’re willing to give you a pair to try for 30 days for free! Come in for a free diagnostic where we’ll test your hearing and determine if you’re a good candidate to participate in the 30-day challenge. You’ll get to wear the devices for 30 days risk free, and all you have to do is evaluate them by giving us your honest opinion.

If you’re ready to take the first step towards great hearing health, then visit us at the nearest My Hearing Centers location for a free hearing consultation. Don’t forget to ask us about the 30-day challenge! We’ll assess your hearing, and you’ll have the chance to try out Signia’s exciting new Nx hearing aid for free.