The Unknown Physical Side Effects of Hearing Loss

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At first glance, it seems like the primary side effects of hearing loss would be social in nature. However, hearing loss can lead to a number of other physical side effects as well. Understanding these side effects will help you to recognize and deal with these problems when they occur.

Possible Side Effects of Hearing Loss

Some of the physical side-effects you may experience because of hearing loss include:


Hearing loss can increase your anxiety level on a daily basis, especially in social situations. Hearing loss can cause you to miss important information in conversations and misinterpret what people say. You may also need to ask people to repeat themselves several times before you are able to understand them. All of these issues can make you feel more anxious.


Some people with hearing loss may experience depression. Hearing loss can cause people to feel more self-conscious, especially if a hearing aid is required. It can also draw attention to the aging process, which may contribute to feelings of sadness.


People with hearing loss must work harder to hear the people around them. This process can be both mentally and physically exhausting.


You may also experience more frequent headaches as a side effect of hearing loss. In many cases, this results from the tension and anxiety you experience because of your hearing deficits. You may notice that these problems are worse after a particularly difficult or busy day.

Tense Muscles

If your hearing loss causes you to experience anxiety, you may also suffer from tense muscles. Many people contract their muscles unintentionally when dealing with stress, which leads to ongoing problems with stiffness and soreness.

Intestinal Problems

As with tense muscles and headache, intestinal problems often occur because of anxiety. Depending on the way your body responds, you may notice cramping, constipation or diarrhea. This side effect may be more likely to occur if you had intestinal issues, such as IBS, prior to your diagnosis of hearing loss.

Treatment Options

Many of the physical side effects of hearing loss are related to anxiety and stress. Thus, dealing with these underlying issues directly may help to reduce your symptoms. In cases where symptoms continue even after you take steps to deal with stress, you may benefit from certain types of medication. To learn more about reducing your anxiety, or for other treatment options, talk to your doctor.