How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

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Have you recently noticed changes in your hearing health, or have you just learned that you have a hearing loss? You may feel confused as to the next steps you need to take, or wonder if treating your hearing loss is worthwhile. Afterall, you don’t think your hearing loss is very severe, and you may not realize how it’s affecting you. When it comes to treating hearing loss, discovering the best hearing aid options and selecting the right hearing devices for your needs will help you hear clearly, follow conversations with ease, and improve your relationships.

Hearing Loss Affects the Whole Family

No one lives in a bubble, so your hearing loss doesn’t just affect you. Your hearing loss will affect everyone in your life, including coworkers, friends, and of course family members. When you have untreated hearing loss, communication becomes difficult and you struggle to connect with the people that matter the most. Not only will you feel isolated and alone, your family will feel like they can’t get through to you, and miss the easy communication you used to share. When you have untreated hearing loss, communication is the first thing to break down, and you and your whole family will be hurt by your hearing loss.

Hearing Loss is Frustrating

Hearing loss can feel extremely frustrating for everyone, and if you struggle to hear, you may feel left out of conversations or ignored. Your family tires to help you by repeating themselves, or speaking into your good ear, but eventually you all get frustrated with the breakdown in communication and give up. Not hearing clearly can lead to stress and anxiety, and you may avoid social interactions to save yourself the frustration of trying to follow conversations. Your close relationships suffer the most, and you lose the easy intimacy you’ve always shared with your loved ones.

Diagnosing Hearing Loss

Do you think you may have hearing loss? It’s recommended that you have a hearing test as soon as you notice any changes to your hearing health, and schedule a hearing test every one to two years if you’re over the age of 55. Hearing loss affects your relationships, but if you have an undiagnosed hearing loss, your relationships will be even more impacted. Nearly 48 million Americans have hearing loss, and many don’t know they have hearing loss. They struggle to communicate with loved ones, and without an explanation as to why communication is breaking down, their undiagnosed hearing loss drives a wedge between them and their family, breeding resentment and frustration on all sides.

Why Don’t We Recognize a Hearing Loss?

When your hearing first begins to change, it can be hard to recognize as a hearing loss. Hearing loss is often a gradual process, and your brain is able to make small adjustments to how you hear, meaning you might not realize that you’re missing softer sounds, haven’t heard the birds chirping for quite some time, or don’t always hear someone the first time they speak to you.

After your hearing loss becomes undeniable, it can be tempting to blame others for your inability to hear. You may accuse your loved ones of mumbling, or think your alarm clock is broken. Many people deny their hearing loss due to the stigma around hearing loss. You may think that admitting you can’t hear clearly will make you seem old, or that having a hearing loss will limit your ability to do the things you love.

Treating Hearing Loss

Contrary to what you may think, avoiding treating your hearing loss will worsen your hearing, and you’ll struggle to hear more and more of the sounds around you. As your hearing deteriorates, your communication will break down even more, and your family and friends will feel like you’re slipping away from them.

Treating hearing loss with a quality pair of hearing aids will restore your ability to hear the sounds around you, follow speech, and maintain the relationships you value the most. Admitting you have hearing loss won’t make you seem old, and hearing clearly will help you stay young and active for years to come. Not only will hearing aids help you hear the sounds in your environment, they’ll allow you to communicate clearly with your family and friends, and improve all your relationships.