How Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Connected for the Holidays

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The holidays are a time to gather with family and friends and make new memories. But holiday gatherings tend to get a bit loud. When you have hearing loss, big holiday events can be a challenge. With all the conversations flying back and forth around the table, it’s hard to keep up with what’s being said. This holiday season, find out how treating hearing loss helps you stay connected for the holidays.

Hearing Loss Can Be Frustrating 

Hearing loss is a lot more common than you think. Around 50 million Americans have hearing loss, so there’s a good chance that either you or one of your loved ones has hearing loss. When it comes to holiday celebrations, hearing loss can be frustrating. 

Hearing loss often makes it hard to follow conversations. Certain speech sounds, such as consonant sounds, can get lost. When you’re not hearing all the sounds, you may find it hard to make sense of what’s being said. Have you been asking loved ones to repeat themselves? Do you get frustrated that you just can’t hear, or do your loved ones get frustrated that they have to keep repeating what was said? Hearing loss can make it challenging to connect with family and friends over the holidays.

Hearing Loss Can Be Isolating 

When you can’t hear what’s being said, and you and your loved ones are feeling frustrated, hearing loss can be very isolating. You may choose not to participate in conversations because you just can’t make out what your family is talking about. You may even choose to stay at home rather than join family and friends for holiday events. 

Hearing loss can be isolating. If you’re living with untreated hearing loss, you’re more likely to feel socially isolated and lonely. You also have a higher risk of feeling sad or depressed

Tips to Hear During Holiday Events

Holiday gatherings are noisy, but there are ways you can make sure you or a loved one can still hear. First, turn off any background noise and turn off the TV. You may have a tradition of listening to holiday music, but this year try turning off the music. You can play one or two favorite songs, but then work to create a quiet atmosphere so it will be easier for everyone to hear.

Next, remind your family to take turns talking. It’s tempting to have five conversations on the go all the time, but if you speak one at a time, everyone will have an easier time following what’s being said. Your loved one with hearing loss will be able to participate in the conversation and reconnect this holiday season.

Finally, ask your family to rephrase what they said rather than repeat it word for word. If someone with hearing loss doesn’t hear what was said the first time, rephrasing the sentence and saying it in different words will make it easier for someone with hearing loss to make sense of the conversation. 

Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Connected

If you or a loved one has hearing loss, treat your hearing loss to stay connected this holiday season! Hearing aids are calibrated to your unique hearing needs. They will help you hear conversations, even in places with a lot of background noise. Modern hearing aids have speech enhancement programs that help you catch those sounds you’ve been missing. They also reduce background noise to make it easier to focus on what you’re trying to hear.

Are you having a few virtual holiday gatherings this year? Hearing aids can also help you connect online. Look for hearing aids with connectivity features that will help you connect to the devices you use the most. Using Bluetooth technology, these hearing devices can wirelessly connect to your smartphone or computer and stream all the audio right to your ear. You’ll be able to hear your loved one’s voices clearly, even if they’re across the country!

If you’re ready to find out what hearing aids can do for you, contact us for a hearing test. Together we’ll explore your hearing needs and find the perfect hearing devices that work for you. Prioritize your hearing health and stay connected this holiday season.