How Hearing Aids Improve Your Relationships

How Hearing Aids Improve Your Relationships

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How Hearing Aids Improve Your Relationships

Did you know that using hearing aids can improve the relationships that are most important to you? A recent study showed that, of the Americans surveyed, 83% reported that hearing aids resulted in an improved quality of life.

Hearing aids can better connect you to your loved ones, help fight against social isolation and assist with improving professional relationships as well.


How relationships can be affected by untreated hearing loss

Communication is essential to maintaining relationships, and hearing loss can lead to difficulties in communicating with your loved ones, friends and co-workers.

Recent studies have linked untreated hearing loss to poorer quality of life. The reasons cited include social isolation and feelings of exclusion, which can lead to symptoms of depression.

People may feel less inclined to maintain or build new relationships if they suffer from untreated hearing loss, which can lead to a breakdown of existing relationships and reluctance to foster new friendships or professional relationships.

Data from an international study surveying over 120,000 people – with the largest number of respondents from the United States – showed that 8 of 10 people reported that the decision to treat their hearing loss through wearing a hearing aid had a positive impact on their perceived quality of life.

One of the main reasons for this positive impact was the improvement of relationships.


Hearing aids can help connect you to your loved ones

Frustration is a common side effect to untreated hearing loss, and can be felt by both the person suffering from hearing loss and the loved one who is trying to communicate with them. It is easy to overlook the stress it can put on relationships with our loved ones.

A recent study showed that 73% of people surveyed believed their relationships with their family improved once they decided to use a hearing aid.

By using a hearing aid, stress-free relationships can flourish again.


A better love life?

In a recent study that included 4,300 people from around the world, 44% of the Americans surveyed said their love lives had improved since they treated their hearing loss with a hearing aid. People have also pointed out that hearing aids have helped them to have intimate conversations again.


Fostering professional relationships

Communication is an essential part of developing professional relationships. When a co-worker, business partner or new client has to continually repeat themselves, this can lead to difficulties in the workplace or even the loss of business.

Hearing aids can help to alleviate these issues, and ensure that existing professional relationships thrive, and new relationships can be formed.


Gaining more independence

Using a hearing aid may also contribute to a heightened sense of independence, which can lead to more confidence. An overall feeling of better well-being through wearing a hearing aid has been reported in studies, and a link with an increased feeling of independence is one of the reasons for that sense of well-being.

Hearing aids can clearly do more than simply improve your ability to hear at different frequencies and amplifications – they can actually improve your relationships, well-being and overall quality of life!

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