Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

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Hearing aid technology has advanced faster than you might realize, and just like your smartphone that gets smarter with every new update and new generation, today’s hearing aids are astonishingly advanced pieces of technology capable of truly incredible things. They can reduce distracting background sounds, and help you focus on what you want to hear. They can pick up important speech sounds, even if those sounds are happening behind you, and they can help you hear in complex listening environments such as a music venue or auditorium. One of the latest advancements in hearing technology might involve artificial intelligence, and hearing aids are getting smarter every day.

Hearing Aids & Advanced Technology

Modern hearing aids have been using advanced technology for several years, and they host sophisticated programs and settings, acting as a mini-computer to sense the listening environment around you and automatically change between settings to help you hear. Many of today’s hearing devices can be linked to your smartphone, allowing access to even more advanced programs using your phone’s technology. For example, geotagging is a remarkable new program that allows you to save certain programs and settings based on specific locations such as your home, your workplace, or your favorite cafe. When the GPS on your phone determines that you’re at home, it will signal to your devices and switch to your preprogramed preferences for that location.

Another feature of smart hearing technology is seamless streaming. You can connect your smartphone, computer, or TV directly to your hearing aids through Bluetooth technology, and this allows you to effortlessly stream phone calls, music, or other audio right to your ears. Rather than straining to hear what’s been said, you can enjoy clear hearing and easy connectivity just like your hearing peers.

Hearing Aids & Artificial Intelligence

Hearing Aids with artificial intelligence (AI) are just around the corner, and the first computer learning hearing aid has recently been released by Starkey. When you think of AI technology you may think about Sci-Fi scenarios where robots take over the world, but that’s not what we mean. When it comes to hearing technology, AI can be used to make hearing aids better by allowing your hearing aids to learn from your listening preferences and help you hear more easily. It uses high-speed, complex processing to produce high quality, balanced sound, and the best in natural hearing, making sure you hear all the nuances of the sound around you.

Hearing aids with AI technology use complex algorithms to help you hear better. They learn your hearing preferences, and through a series of questions and observations, they’ll determine how you want to hear. They will also remember setting you’ve used in particular environments, and what programs you prefer. Once you’ve trained your devices, they’re able to scan the environment, change between programs and adjust settings with more accuracy than you can, so you’ll spend more time enjoying the sounds around you and less time adjusting your devices.

AI Hearing Aids Can Track Health Measures

Another feature of AI hearing aids is the ability to track your health measures. The newest AI hearing aids are from Starkey, and the Livio AI is a multi-purpose device that uses integrated sensors in the hearing devices to monitor your body and brain health. Like the smart watch you use to monitor your health, or measure your fitness, these hearing aids with AI track activity levels, steps, social engagement, and amount of time you listen every day, allowing you to monitor your physical health and your brain health.

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