Exciting New Hearing Technology this Summer

Exciting New Hearing Technology this Summer

Do you wear hearing aids and sometimes find yourself wanting an extra boost? That’s where assistive listening devices come in. For anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss, summer can be a challenging time. You’re more likely to spend time with your family outdoors, taking the dog to the park, enjoy a picnic, or attend a summer music festival. If you have mild hearing loss, you might not feel ready to get hearing aids, but you want to explore assistive technology options to help you hear. This summer, there’s some new hearing technology you’ll be excited about.


Like other new “hearing helper” solutions, IQbuds BOOST are the latest innovation in hearing assistive technology. This device from Nuheara could provide a bit of extra help to improve hearing, speech understanding, and enhance quality of life for anyone with mild hearing loss who’s not quite ready for a hearing aid.

While this device is clearly not a hearing aid, it does do a few of the things hearing aids normally do, such as amplifying sounds, and allowing for music streaming through Bluetooth technology.

Your Personal Profile

What makes the IQbuds BOOST so special is their Ear ID technology, an innovative program that will learn and adapt to the way you hear, helping you connect with the world in a whole new way, and enjoy clear hearing. The Ear ID program gives you the ability to measure and assess your hearing thresholds, almost like a mini hearing test, and adjust the IQbuds to match your hearing needs. Calibrating the IQbuds to your personal hearing needs means you’ll be able to hear easily in many listening environments.

Advanced Features

Nuheara’s IQbuds BOOST have excellent connectivity features that will have you excited to listen to your favorite tunes. Sound quality for both audio and music is very high, and you’ll be able to stream audio from your iPhone, personal listening device, computer, TV, or any other Bluetooth enabled device.

The IQbuds use directionality settings to help amplify sounds right in front of you, helping you hear important speech sounds. Not only does IQbuds technology enhance sound, it can also fade out background sounds. If you want to stream music to your IQbuds or just enjoy some peace and quiet, you can decide which sounds you want to reduce, balancing between background noise and speech sounds.

IQbuds At Work

Do you work in a noisy office and find yourself struggling with all the noise? Have you been using noise cancelling headphones to try to concentrate on your work? With IQbuds BOOST you have a few options which will change the way you work. You can adjust the volume on all background office sounds, while choosing your preferred balance between office sounds and speech. You can also blend streamed audio, so you can enjoy your personal music while still maintaining awareness of the sounds happening around you. Have a call coming in? No problem. Your IQbuds will stream the audio right to your ear and you won’t have to adjust a thing.

Amazing Design

The IQbuds BOOST features a sleek and stylish design with a casing that is water resistant and sweat proof, so you can take it anywhere. Not only that, but it features a fantastic battery life, lasting up to 20 hours of streaming, or up to 32 hours of normal listening. When you’re running low on power, just pop them back into their convenient storage pod to charge. One of the best things about IQbuds are their affordability, allowing you to test out assistive listening technology without stressing over a big purchase. This hearing solution is definitely worth considering, and could be a good first step in transitioning to quality hearing devices.

Traditional Hearing Aids

While the IQbuds BOOST are truly exciting new technology, they are no match for traditional hearing aids. Whether you have mild or severe hearing loss, hearing devices will help you hear everything around you in high quality audio, perfectly adjusted for your exact listening needs. From advanced directionality to speech enhancement and background noise reduction, hearing aids will support your active lifestyle with wind reduction, spatial awareness, and clear hearing. Today’s hearing aids are discreet, and some are so small they sit within your ear canal and are nearly invisible!

If you want a comprehensive hearing assessment, or to learn more about your hearing aid options, visit us today at My Hearing Centers and take control of your hearing health.