Ear Infections & Hearing Loss

Ear Infections & Hearing Loss

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Do people think of the consequences of infections they may get from going swimming? While swimming is a favorite sport of millions of people and is even an Olympic sport, we receive little news about the consequences of infection during swimming. The ear is a beautiful natural instrument we depend upon daily to live our lives, yet how can we protect it best to keep it in a healthy and safe condition. This article covers the three parts of the ear and the possible infections in each part that lead to reversible or irreversible ear infections.

Ear infection of the Outer Ear

Physiologist identify three parts of the ear; the outer ear is the furthermost away from the most sensitive part of the ear. Between the exterior and the inner ear in the middle ear canal, which protects the third part of the ear, the inner ear. The outer ear can be infected in one way by an infection, which can cause blockage to the inner ear, and consequently, the sound never reaches the inner ear to be processed. This kind of disease caused by poisoning can result in the most reversible ear infection, but after the ear infection has been healed, hearing returns to the ear as usual. The consequence of this kind of disease is the sound is muffled and distorted, so sounds are not heard with full clarity.

Types of Infection

While not every infection causes irreversible loss of hearing, so not every part of the ear is in danger of irreversible loss of hearing. Very rarely makes a person experience irreversible loss of hearing within the outer ear unless they receive an infection an do not allow it to heal or keep form seeing a medical doctor over an extended time while having a severe disease or water gets in the the eardrum and bursts. The outer ear (otitis externa) can receive infection by too much swimming, and when the infection sets in it cause blockage to the ear canal, called “swimmers’ ear” it is not irreversible, since after the infection disappear the hearing returns to normal.

Middle Ear Infection

The middle ear (otitis media) is subject to various types of infection more severe than the outer mentioned above. Because of the location of the disease and the kind of illness, usually resulting in pus and swelling, the infection can result in severe infection and temporary loss of hearing caused by the swelling and pus accumulation in the middle ear, keeping the sound from reaching the inner ear. These kinds of ear infections ought to be treated soon by a medical doctor lest the disease spread and become more prolonged and in rare cases, lead to irreversible loss of hearing. What must be sought is a careful diagnosis of the ear to avoid an untreated hearing loss.

Infection Behind the Eardrum

An infection can also occur behind the eardrum. This type of ear infection can become irreversible if the eardrum becomes filled with liquid and resulting in the eardrum becoming ruptured. Usually fluid buildup in the ear is automatically drained, and hearing returns after the liquid is evaporated or drained. Care must be taken to give the ear needed care by a medical professional who can treat such infections.

Infection of the Cochlea

An infection in the center of the cochlea, which is the central part of the ear can lead to permanent hearing loss if not treated properly. The bacteria or infection that occurs in the inner ear is similar to that found as the cause of the common cold.

Possible Irreversible Hearing Loss

There is a 33% chance that a hearing may not return, may temporarily return, or may ultimately return. If these bacteria remain in the ear long enough and untreated, it can lead to severe damage in the ear. Medical professionals say that there is a 33% chance of reach stage of post healing to take place: complete hearing restored, partial hearing resets, total loss of hearing affected. If anyone, young or old, experiences this kind of infection to see a certified medical doctor avoid irreversible hearing loss. A doctor can certify whether the bacteria can be healed before a partial or untreated hearing loss takes place.

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