Best New Hearing Aids of 2017: Oticon OPN, Signia Cellion, ReSound LiNX 3D, Phonak Audeo B-R

Best New Hearing Aids of 2017: Oticon OPN, Signia Cellion, ReSound LiNX 3D, Phonak Audeo B-R

Have you been thinking of getting hearing aids for the first time, or upgrading your current devices? Now is a great time! Hearing aid technology has advanced more than ever in 2017, and some of our most popular brands have created excellent hearing devices that will have you hearing in no time.

Oticon OPN

Oticon is one of our leading brands, and their latest hearing aid is no exception. Oticon’s OPN is a truly astounding hearing aid, which made further improvements in 2017. The new miniRITE is a fully rechargeable hearing aid and the BTE13PP design is a powerful behind the ear hearing aid, providing the latest in hearing aid features to those with severe hearing loss. They’ve also added Tinnitus SoundSupport and Speech Rescue LX to all their OPN models, so you’ll have the best sound whichever device you choose.

This year OPN won a gold award at the 2017 Edison Awards, recognizing their innovation and creativity as well as celebrating their functional and easy to use designs.

Signia Cellion

Another favorite this year is Cellion from Signia. We love this hearing aid for its amazing battery life. This is a rechargeable hearing aid that packs a lot of punch. Featuring a high-power lithium-ion power cell, this hearing aid can run for two days from a single charge! It can power all the features you need to hear in any listening environment, as well as providing unlimited Bluetooth streaming, all without you having to worry about running out of power.

Signia was a CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree for their Cellion design which makes it easy for you to hear in any sound environment. The Cellion hearing aid monitors all the sounds around you and automatically focuses in on important sounds while reducing background sounds that distract you, so you’ll have no trouble hearing and understanding your friend’s voice coming from across the table at your favorite cafe.

ReSound LiNX 3D

ReSound is a consistent favorite, and their latest LiNX 3D hearing aid is no exception. Like Signia’s Cellion, ReSound offers rechargeable hearing technology so you don’t have to worry about carrying spare batteries, or fiddling with tiny parts. But what makes the LiNX 3D one of the best hearing aids of 2017 is its advancements in connectivity. Whether it’s a phone call, a YouTube video, notifications, music, the radio, or even the TV, all the sounds you need to hear stream right to your ears, so your phone, computer, or any other technology, will be a breeze to use. The LiNX 3D devices act like wireless headphones, playing everything you want to hear right in your ears.

We also love ReSound’s LiNX 3D because it allows you to record any listening challenges you are experiencing. Download the app to your smartphone, and share information about the difficulty you’re having. Your audiologist can use this information to adjust your programs and settings for that exact location. Next time you’re in the same spot, activate the settings that were created for you, and your hearing aids will do all the work for you, making sure you can hear everything, every time.

Phonak Audeo B-R

Audeo B-R is definitely one of the best hearing aids of 2017. This hearing aid is all about convenience, and will make your life a lot easier. It automatically switches between programs and settings as you move through your day, and helps you focus on what you want to hear. This year, the Audeo B-R won the prestigious iF Design Award for it’s remarkable design. A panel of judges from around the world chose the Audeo B-R over 5,500 entries, so if you choose this hearing aid, you know you’re getting something special. Judges especially loved the powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery, that lasts 24 hours on a single charge. A fast charge setting has you covered if you find yourself running short of power, but don’t have time to wait for a full charge. Just put your hearing aids on the charger for 30 mins, and you’ll have 6 more hours of power!

Are you interested in seeing more of the amazing hearing aid designs that are new from 2017? Visit us at My Hearing Centers to learn more about these and other top hearing aids. Our team of hearing specialists will work with you to find the device that will have you excited about hearing.