10 Things You Won’t Hear this Holiday Season if You Have Hearing Loss

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The holiday season is a delight for your senses. The glitter of shiny ornaments and tinsel, the enticing aroma of freshly baked cookies, the warmth of a kiss under the mistletoe, and the sweet flavor of pumpkin pie and whipped cream are essential parts of holiday experience. Missing any of these seasonal sensations can dampen your holiday spirits yet, if you are like millions of Americans who have hearing loss but do not wear a hearing aid, you will be missing out on some of the best sounds of the holiday season.

Will You Miss These Sounds this Holiday Season?

  1. The rustle of packages and bags filled with gifts for your friends and family
  1. Conversations with friends and family that you see only during the holidays. The season can be loud and boisterous, which can make it difficult to hold a conversation. Do not miss out on the opportunity to hear what your friends and family have to say during the holiday season – you may have to wait an entire year for the opportunity to chat with them again.
  1. The kitchen timer on that batch of holiday cookies. If you cannot hear the timer go off, that batch of Christmas tree-shaped cookies may end up looking like you had a miniature forest fire in your oven.
  1. A whistling teapot, calling you to make a cup of steamy hot cocoa to warm you on a cold winter’s day
  1. Crackle of the fireplace. The sound of a small fire is soothing because the crackling offers a sharp transient against soft, warm background noise. Without this audio backup, a fireplace is merely a simple flame.
  1. The noise a gift package makes when you shake it, trying to determine what is inside. If you cannot hear well, you may shake the package too hard and break the present inside.
  1. The laughter of children as they play in the snow or open their gifts
  1. The doorbell, when friends, family or even carolers come to pay a visit. In fact, you may miss out on all sorts of seasonal bells, including jingle bells, silver bells, Christmas bells, church bells and even Salvation Army bells.
  1. Your favorite Christmas carol. Imagine never again hearing Bing Crosby dream of a White Christmas or listening to Gene Autry’s description of how Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer guided the sleigh that night.
  2. Popping the cork of a champagne bottle just before midnight on New Year’s Eve. Will you miss your cue to sing your famous rendition of Auld Lang Syne?

Do not miss your favorite joyful sounds this holiday. If you think you have hearing loss, or have been told that you need a hearing aid, talk with your doctor or hearing specialist. Today’s hearing aids are sleek, comfortable and highly effective at helping you enjoy all the sounds of season.