Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically over the last few years creating new options, features and benefits. These new developments provide better solutions for those suffering from hearing loss. The first hearing aids invented were large amplifiers with headphones. Today, hearing aids range from a variety of styles, colors, and technology. You are no longer asking yourself, “Do I want to hear better?” you get to ask, “How do I want to hear better?” or “How do I want it to look?” and, “What else can the hearing aids help me hear?”

Invisible Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are very inconspicuous today. With advancements in micro-technology, you don’t have to hide your hearing instruments; your hearing instruments hide themselves. We have hearing aids so small that they are actually invisible. An excuse of vanity is longer a reason to put off taking control of your hearing loss.

Wireless Hearing Aids

These are not your father’s hearing aids! With wireless technology, your devices can connect to your TV, iPod, and your cell phone. Wireless technology also allows your hearing aids to communicate to each other. Working together, your hearing aids make automatic adjustments that eliminate the need for you to manually adjust each device separately.

Digital Hearing Aids

By digitizing sound, we can use additional technologies to manipulate and refine sounds before it reaches your brain. Digital hearing aids can now: filter down background noise, separate speech from noise, eliminate buzzing and whistling, automatically adjust for music and television, and soften impulse sounds like ruffling paper or breaking glass.


CROS hearing aids are specifically for people with a unilateral hearing loss, or hearing loss in one ear. Some individuals have a damaged ear on one side and are completely deaf on the other. Traditionally we would only fit the ear that is damaged with a hearing aids. Now we can put hearing aids in both ears. Using wireless technology, a CROS technology takes sounds from the side of your head with the deaf ear and send them wirelessly over to the better ear. Now it does not matter where someone sits in relation to your better ear.

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