Why You Should Update to Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Why You Should Update to Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Matt Dearing Hearing Aid Technology, Hearing Aids

As your hearing loss progresses, you’ll find that several things in your life become increasingly difficult. And then there are those moments when your hearing aids run out of charge, and you’re stuck in an awkward situation trying to figure out how to fix them or ignore them until you get home.

At these times, it might feel like traditional hearing aids don’t do enough for you anymore.

Thankfully, there are rechargeable hearing aids available now that will change how you live with hearing loss for good! Traditional hearing aids used disposable batteries. But more recently, rechargeable hearing aids have become more popular.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids: How Do They Work?

The main difference between rechargeable hearing aids and traditional ones is that the rechargeable ones run on a battery charge instead of disposable batteries. This means that you can plug the device into an outlet whenever it needs to be charged up, which makes them much more convenient than buying new batteries.

Benefits of rechargeable hearing aids


You no longer have to change the batteries. Rechargeable hearing aids are convenient, as you can charge them at home or work.

They offer convenience when traveling, as well. Whether heading off for a holiday or just popping away for a few days, you don’t need to worry about running out of power on your rechargeable hearing aids.

Environmentally friendly

There are many benefits to going with rechargeable hearing aids. One of the most obvious is that they are environmentally friendly. They are more energy-efficient than disposable batteries, so you can save money by using them instead of traditional batteries. Additionally, it’s easy for you to recycle these devices when they are no longer helpful or if you change your mind about wearing them in the future. This makes them much easier for you and the planet at large!

Easier to handle

Rechargeable batteries are better for the less dextrous. You won’t need to pry open your hearing aid case and insert new batteries with a tiny screwdriver — instead, slip them into an appropriate charging unit and plug them into an outlet. This is especially helpful if you have arthritis or other joint problems that make dexterity difficult or painful.

Cheaper in the long run

Although the initial cost of a rechargeable hearing aid may make you think that making the switch isn’t worth it, consider the long-term benefits. Batteries that can be recharged can be used over 500 times. When you consider buying one battery pack rather than 500, it makes more sense.

You will never have to worry about where you left your batteries again.

It’s not easy taking out the batteries and replacing them with new ones while on vacation or going out for dinner. With rechargeable hearing aids, you charge them when they are low, which takes very little time. Also, since it doesn’t take long to do this, it can be done anywhere from your home to a friend’s house to even at the office. Just plugin and let the battery drain until it’s full again! The one thing I would say about these types of chargers is that if you’re traveling internationally, then make sure they are compatible with different voltages and different outlets (some countries use different plugs). 

Keep up to date

It’s crucial to select hearing aids tailored to your specific hearing needs and lifestyle. You rely on this device daily. Thus, it’s a wise investment. A consultation with us is the best way to select the hearing aids that are perfect for you. If your hearing needs have changed, we can test them and recommend the best solutions for you.

Meeting with us is a great way to get answers to your questions! Hearing aids now come with a variety of technology, including rechargeability. Other features may pique your interest, and you may want to read more about the most recent upgrades. As hearing aid technology advances, keep up-to-date on what’s available and how to get the most out of your hearing! Please get in touch with us right away.