Untreated hearing loss in the USA costs $133 billion each year

Untreated Hearing Loss in the USA Costs $133 Billion Each Year

Hearing loss is becoming increasingly common, and roughly 40 million Americans are struggling to hear. Have you noticed any changes in your hearing? Do your loved ones complain that you’re not hearing as well as you used to, or that you’ve been turning up the volume on the TV far too loud? Not only are rates of hearing loss on the rise, but the costs of hearing loss are skyrocketing, and it’s estimated that untreated hearing loss in the USA costs a staggering $133 billion each year!

Why Does Untreated Hearing Loss Cost So Much?

On average, the costs of untreated hearing loss in the USA are around $9,100 per year per person who is living with untreated hearing loss. Sadly, 2 out of every 3 people with hearing loss aren’t aware of their hearing loss, or aren’t taking steps to look after their hearing. As their hearing deteriorates, this has a major impact on their quality of life, and overall health and well-being.

A recent article by Hear-it AISBL, an international, non-commercial organization based in Brussels, Belgium, analyzed data from numerous studies around the world trying to understand the higher costs associated with hearing loss. Hearing loss costs or so high because those living with untreated hearing loss have higher rates of unemployment, a lower quality of life, and increased social isolation. They also risk depression, difficulty focusing on tasks or accomplishing goals, more rapid cognitive decline, and an earlier onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. These things lead to higher health care costs for those living with untreated hearing loss.

“The scientific report clearly demonstrates that untreated hearing loss is a major health issue and that untreated hearing loss has a huge economic and social impact on our society,” explains Secretary General from hear-it AISBL, Kim Ruberg. “It also documents that checking your hearing and treating hearing loss pays, both for the individual and for society.” For the millions of Americans who don’t treat their hearing loss, not only will they experience the economic impact of their inability to hear clearly, but it affects the entire health care system.

Hearing Loss is on the Rise

Hearing loss continues to affect more and more people. Many individuals experience an earlier onset of hearing loss due to exposure to dangerously loud noises, whether during work or leisure activities, and through over-use of personal listening devices. It’s also common that people are not aware of the risks to their hearing health, and aren’t wearing proper hearing protection in noisy situations.

Not only that, but as the baby boomer generation ages, age-related hearing loss also continues to rise, and half of all seniors over the age of 75 struggle to hear. Among adults and seniors alike, rates of hearing loss are on the rise, and the numbers are expected to grow even higher in the next few years.

Treating Hearing Loss

The study examined reports that looked at the links between hearing loss, quality of life, unemployment, and mental health concerns. Across all studies, treating hearing loss with hearing aids, and consistent hearing aid use, showed marked improvement in quality of life, job performance, relationship success, and overall wellbeing. Sadly, millions of Americans aren’t seeking treatment for their hearing loss, but allow their deteriorating hearing to reduce their quality of life, and affect their relationships. Only a third of people who need hearing aids actually wear them, and this leads to the rising costs associated with untreated hearing loss in the USA.

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