How to Travel with Hearing Loss

How to Travel with Hearing Loss

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How to Travel with Hearing Loss


Don’t let hearing loss stop you from traveling! Here are some easy tips to ensure you have a successful trip. Whether you’re traveling for work or on a vacation with your family, follow these suggestions for a stress-free time.


In the Suitcase

Make sure you have everything you need before you leave! Pack extra hearing aid batteries and your battery charger so you don’t run out of power. Invest in an outlet converter if you are travelling to an international destination. It’s the small things that make all the difference, and being able to plug in anywhere you go will give you peace of mind. Don’t forget your cleaning kit, and make sure to properly clean and dry your hearing aids frequently so you can clearly hear all the exciting new sounds around you. Don’t forget your alarm clock! Many hotels don’t have vibrating alarms, so be prepared. Finally, it’s a good idea to carry a small notebook and a pen in case you need a little extra help to understand.


Air Travel

If your destination is a plane ride away, here are some tips to navigate the airport. Be sure to have all your travel documents printed out and within easy reach. Airports know that loud-speaker announcements are hard to hear and easy to miss. Most airports offer email or text notifications, so the important information like gate or time changes comes right to you. This keeps you in the loop about your flight status, and provides a worry free airport wait. For safety, always carry your hearing equipment with you as carry-on. Many planes aren’t equipped with closed-captioned films, so if you’re flying far, take an iPad with a few movies to keep yourself entertained.


Car Trips

Are you going on a road trip? If you’re the one driving, chatting with passengers can be tricky or even dangerous. Don’t take your eyes off the road to look at your passengers. Ask them to speak slowly, and with many pauses. This will give you time to focus on the road. You can also purchase an FM transmitter system. This wirelessly transmits sounds directly to your hearing aids so you can hear perfectly and participate fully in the conversation, all while focusing on safe driving.


At the Hotel

Choose hotels carefully to make sure they have the features you need. Ask for an ADA kit which includes visual alerts for the door, alarm clock, and even smoke detector to keep you safe and aware of your surroundings. The kit will also have a telephone amplifier and a closed-captioning remote for easy TV watching. Tell the staff of your needs, and always ask for any help.


Guided Tours

If you are going on a guided tour, call ahead to ensure they will accommodate you. Find out if the tour guide uses a transmitter microphone, so the signals will be sent directly to your hearing aids.

When out and about, if you find something missing talk about it. From a hotel without an ADA kit, a tour without a transmitter microphone, or a museum without closed-captioning notifying staff is the first step in making positive changes for everyone.


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