The Latest Tech in Hearing Aids

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If you’ve been excited to try out some of the latest tech in hearing aids, there’s never been a better time than right now. While many people overlook hearing loss, and choose to live with poor hearing rather than seeking treatment, your hearing is far more important than you think, and affects every area of your life.

The Importance of Treating Hearing Loss Early

If you have hearing loss, seeking treatment as soon as possible is the key to a healthy life. Dr. Cox reminds us that hearing loss doesn’t just affect your ability to have conversations with loved ones or maintain spatial awareness, hearing loss also affects your brain in profound ways. When you live with hearing loss, your brain isn’t receiving nearly as much auditory input as normal, and that affects brain health. Rather than being able to process all the information coming from your ears, the unused areas of the brain start to shrink, and not only will you have hearing loss, but you’ll also be risking an earlier onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, and experience poor brain health.

Facing Social Isolation

When you have hearing loss, you’ll also risk social isolation, anxiety, and even depression. If you’re unable to hear, you may soon stop attending social events. You used to love joining your friends for dinner at your favorite restaurant, but as your hearing deteriorated, you simply couldn’t follow conversations over all that distracting background noise. Despite asking your friends to repeat themselves many times, you can’t understand the words they’re saying, and not being able to hear is frustrating and isolating. You smile and nod even though you have no idea what’s been said, and hope that you don’t answer a question inappropriately. This has a negative effect on your overall health and quality of life.

Watching for the Signs of Hearing Loss

Among the earliest signs of hearing loss are turning up the volume on the TV, and struggling to follow conversations on the phone. You might sleep through your alarm, or fail to hear the beeping of the stove clock. Your family will often notice your hearing loss sooner than you, so if your loved ones mention that you don’t seem to be hearing as well as you used to, take it very seriously and get your hearing tested.

The Latest Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids of today are a far cry from the hearing aids you might be imagining in your head. They’re extremely small, sleek devices that tuck behind the ears, or even sit within the ear canals and are nearly invisible. We have a wide selection of rechargeable hearing aids, so you’ll never need to fiddle with small batteries or tiny battery doors. Just slip them into their compact chargers and enjoy a world of clear hearing.

Not only have hearing aids become smaller and more convenient, they now have sophisticated programs and settings that help you hear in every listening environment. Whether you’re trying to hear in an echoing amphitheater, the quiet of your living room, the neighborhood coffee shop, or when you’re out for your morning run, you’ll be able to hear clearly. Many hearing aids can sense the environment around you, and will automatically change between programs or adjust settings without you even having to list a finger. When it comes to hearing in background noise, hearing technology is outperforming those with normal hearing, and hearing aids have been tested to perform better in background noise, reducing distracting sounds, and focusing on important speech sounds so that you can hear clearly without straining to hear.

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