The Benefits of Being Social for Older Americans

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Older Americans often find themselves feeling lonely, and experience social isolation and depression. When you retire, lose a spouse, have hearing loss, or have less energy than before, it can be hard to stay social. However, the benefits of being social for older Americans include a better mood, increased happiness, and physical benefits like greater mobility and independence! If you’re an older adult, don’t give up on being social, but find ways to stay social and stay young.

The Benefits of Being Social

Older adults often struggle to stay social. It’s harder to get out of the house, and their community may be smaller than it used to be. However, for older Americans who get out and stay social, the benefits are easy to see. Social contact, whether in person or online, will improve your overall mood, bring a smile to your face, and increase your quality of life. You will feel connected with friends and loved ones, and have a sense of belonging within your community.

Being social will keep you more physically active, and this benefits your heart, your blood pressure levels, your immune system, and your weight. It will also keep your mind sharp, and improve your overall cognitive function. Along with these benefits of being social, you’ll have a lower risk of depression, anxiety, and even dementia. Staying social is good for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

How to Be More Social

Do you feel like you don’t have enough social activities to keep you busy? You can find new ways to be more social at home and in your community.

  • Online Socializing: You can reach people around the world when you’re social online. With video calls or group calls, you can talk to your loved ones across town or across the country.
  • Looking After the Grandchildren: If your kids need help with childcare, you can offer to look after your grandchildren one or more times per week. These little ones may tire you out, but they’ll help you stay social, and bring a lot of joy into your life.
  • Volunteering: There are many organizations that accept volunteers, and you can help out at food banks, teach younger generations a skill or craft, or participate in events at your community center. Through volunteering you can be more social, and feel more connected in your community.
  • Join a Club: There are clubs for every hobby, and whether you like reading, woodwork, knitting, golfing, or coffee, you can find a club of like-minded people to socialize with.
  • Join a Gym: If you’re tired of exercising on your own, join a gym! Many gyms have special classes for seniors, and you can meet others who have the same fitness level. You can stay motivated to exercise, and enjoy being social all at the same time.

These are just some of the ways you can be more social, and there are countless ways you can be more social at home, with your family, and in your community. If you’re an older American, prioritize being social, and enjoy the health benefits of being social.

Hearing Aids Can Make You More Social

Are you having a hard time hearing? Do you ask people to repeat themselves frequently? For older Americans living with hearing loss, being social is a challenge. It’s difficult to meet new friends if you’re worried you might mishear a question, and answer inappropriately. Older adults with hearing loss often choose to say home, and avoid socializing altogether! To get all the benefits of being social, start with a quality pair of hearing aids from our hearing specialists. Hearing devices will help you connect easily with family, friends, and new acquaintances, and give you confidence to try new things. Modern hearing aids are sophisticated devices that will help you hear in a variety of listening environments, both indoors and in your community. With hearing aids, you’ll improve your quality of life, connect with the people around you, and get all the benefits of being social.

Visit us today to start your journey to clear hearing, and invest in your future. Being social will improve your life now, and pave the way for a fulfilled life in the years to come.