Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids

Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids

If you live an active lifestyle and are struggling to hear, you might think you have to choose between clear hearing and the activities you love. After all, aren’t hearing aids just for seniors, or those who sit around all day? Nothing could be further from the truth! Today’s hearing devices are designed with active lifestyles in mind, and advanced hearing technology will help you in ways you could never have imagined. You can enjoy clear hearing without compromising your active lifestyle.

Facing Stigma

Many people are cautious when considering hearing devices due to the negative stigma around wearing hearing technology. You might think hearing aids are only for seniors, and that wearing assistive technology will make you seem old. However, today’s hearing aids are amazingly advanced, and just like other assistive technologies like health trackers or Fitbits, they will help you stay active and healthy.

Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

Do you play sports, go for hikes every weekend, or head to the gym on a regular basis? Do you like to listen to music on your daily run? Often these activities depend on your ability to hear, or have a social component that you can’t enjoy without clear hearing.

Wind: A big concern for many active people is wind noise. For avid walkers, runners, or cyclists, wind whipping through their devices can cause unpleasant feedback and uncomfortable noise. Hearing aids for active lifestyles have advanced wind-noise management programs that work to reduce the effects of wind through complex noise reduction systems, allowing the microphone to amplify the sounds around you without picking up on all that the wind.

Water: Those with active lifestyles also face a lot of issues with moisture. From sweat to unexpected rain showers, moisture can do some serious damage to your devices. Hearing aids for athletic people have a special nanotechnology coating that protects the devices from sweat, rain, skin oils, and even earwax. These coatings will also protect your devices from dirt, dust, or other debris that might find their way into your ears. Though they’re extremely water-resistant, few hearing aids are fully waterproof, so you will still need to remove your hearing aids to enter the pool, or take a shower after your workout.

At Work: Do you work outside? If you have a job where you put in long hours out of doors, you need reliable hearing aids that will help you hear at work and keep you and your coworkers safe. Many of today’s hearing aids are also able to log data, so they can remember programs and settings such as noise volume in various listening environments. This means that they’ll be easier to adjust, especially in unpredictable outdoor environments.

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Hold You Back

Hearing loss shouldn’t stop you from leading an active lifestyle. Garth Baker is an excellent example of how determination and technology can keep you doing the things you love. Baker is a Twin Falls man, and owner of Short Final Aviation. His hearing was damaged in 2002 during his career as a law enforcement officer, and from then on, he’s had difficulty hearing in places with background noise, or safely pursuing his interests.

Once he got over the stigma of wearing hearing aids, Baker realized that hearing devices could change his life. His hearing aids enabled him to fly safely, hear in noisy environments, and locate where the sounds around him were coming from. Now he’s a successful flight instructor at his own aviation school, and advocates for hearing aid use for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Connectivity for Active Lifestyle

Want to listen to music, or need to answer a phone call while you’re at the gym? Today’s sophisticated Made For iPhone devices feature full connectivity, so you’re able to stream audio from your phone straight to your ears. Android users can access the same features through Bluetooth technology. This is ideal for people on the go, and you won’t have to choose between clear hearing and your favorite workout playlist.

My Hearing Centers

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