Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Hearing Aids

Summer’s finally here! And with it comes a few new threats to your hearing aids. They’ve been working wonders for you all winter, but summer means there a few new challenges to be aware of, and some maintenance tips to keep your hearing aids in tip top shape.


One of the biggest threats to properly functioning hearing aids is moisture. This is true all year long, but in the summer, you’ll have to be a bit more vigilant. High humidity in the summer can damage your hearing aids, interfere with proper function, or decrease battery life.

Perspiration: We all love outdoor activities in the summer but hanging out in the heat can generate a lot of sweat. Whether you like golfing, gardening, or playing with the kids in the backyard, you may experience moisture buildup on your hearing aids. This can damage the microphones and receivers, or even affect the battery contact points.

Salt Water: Who doesn’t like a trip to the ocean, or a week lying on the beach? If you’re heading to the sea this summer, you might get some salt water on your hearing aids. When it dries, salt water leaves a salty residue behind that can permanently damage your devices. You might want to consider leaving your hearing aids behind for the day, or keep them on the beach in a safe, dry, and shady location.


Another summertime threat to your hearing aids is debris. With the kids on holiday, you’re spending a lot more time outdoors, and exposing your hearing aids to a lot more potentially harmful debris like dust and dirt.

Sand: For anyone heading to the beach, sand is one thing that can really do a lot of damage to your hearing aids. Sand is so fine it can block the tubing or the microphone or your devices and can lead to permanent damage. If you’re at the beach, keep your hands away from your ears and your hearing aids! Find out if your hearing aid can be equipped with a neoprene sleeve that would protect it from sand or other debris and consider this option for those lazy beach days.

Sprays: No one like a sunburn, and you always wear sunscreen when you’re out in the summer. However, if you have a spray sunscreen, you could actually be damaging your hearing aids! Another spray we use a lot in the summer is bug spray. These sticky substances can clog your hearing aid’s microphones, or damage tubing, even if not deliberately sprayed at the ears.


Heat is another thing to be mindful of in the summertime. The suns rays can be deadly to your hearing aids. Never leave your hearing devices in direct sunlight, or in hot places like your car. Your hearing aids are made of plastic, and if they’re left in strong sun for too long, they will melt.

Tips for Maintaining your Hearing Aids

If your hearing aids have been exposed to moisture, debris, dust, or spray, the best thing you can do is clean them thoroughly. In fact, during the summer you should be cleaning your hearing aids every evening when you pop them out for the night.

First, take a dry, soft cloth and wipe away and dust, debris, or moisture that has built up on your hearing aid during the day. Carefully check all the tubing, the microphone holes, and the battery door for any particles you may have missed. You can do a deeper cleaning once a week by removing the hearing aid from the ear mold and washing the ear mold and tubing in water. Make sure to dry them well before reattaching them to the hearing aid.

My Hearing Centers

At My Hearing Centers, we know about all the summer time dangers to your hearing aids, but we want you to enjoy your summer and still make sure your hearing aids are working great. With a bit of extra care, your hearing devices will help you have fun this summer, and not miss out on a single sound. If you want more tips for summer maintenance, or your hearing aids need a thorough cleaning or repairs, visit us today and let our trained hearing specialists take care of your hearing aids.