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Reasons to Update Your Hearing Aids

Matt Dearing Health, Hearing

Hearing aids are the finest investment we can make to enhance our lives for those with hearing loss. Consider the first time your hearing aids were installed and the instant clarity and amplification of sounds around you.

Because hearing loss is an unseen and progressive disorder, many individuals who suffer from it are unaware of its existence. People are expected to wait an average of seven years from the moment they discover changes in their hearing before they seek treatment. Most of us strive to adjust to this new way of life, even though it has numerous detrimental repercussions for our bodily and emotional health.

Hearing loss that goes untreated has been related to an increased risk of dementia, anxiety, stress, and depression. When you’re out and about, a lessened capacity to hear might put you in danger, whether you’re crossing the street or missing an emergency vehicle’s sirens. It also reduces your earning potential on the work owing to attention and communication concerns.

Even if you have used hearing aids to address your hearing loss, it is vital to remember that your hearing abilities are constantly changing. At the same time, remember that your hearing aids, although being quite powerful small gadgets, have a shelf life. You do, after all, wear them all day!

Here are three reasons you might consider getting a new set of hearing aids.

Your hearing needs have changed.

Just as a higher prescription for eyeglasses may be required, your hearing ability may alter after your first hearing test and hearing aid fitting.


How can you know whether this is the case? If you are frequently straining to hear, or notice sounds are muddy and indistinct, even if your hearing aids do not appear to be malfunctioning, it may be time to upgrade your devices. Your hearing aids are custom-fit to address the specific degree and configuration of hearing loss, and if sounds become less clear, your hearing aids may no longer suit your hearing needs.

Keep track of how often you adjust your daily hearing aid volume. There may be a mechanical problem in certain circumstances, so please get in touch with Custom Hearing Solutions if you have any queries. If repairs and battery replacements fail to improve your hearing, we will conduct a new hearing test to evaluate your present hearing ability.


You’re going through a change in lifestyle.

Have you lately changed jobs? Have you started a new hobby? We asked you about your lifestyle and activities when you were initially fitted with hearing aids. The hearing aids you were equipped with were chosen and adapted to your specific requirements in the activities you engage in throughout the day.

There are several hearing aid features available to handle particular situations. If you like trekking or aerobics, a hearing aid with water resistance will be more suited to your needs. Similarly, if your new job needs you to communicate with coworkers more often, consider upgrading to a hearing aid with more complex speech recognition functions.

See us today if you’ve recently undergone significant life adjustments! We can walk you through the many alternatives for improving your existing hearing requirements.


You’re looking for the latest technology

Do you like keep ingup with technological advancements? There’s no doubt that hearing aid technology is entering an exciting period. So far this year, several major hearing aid manufacturers have released new and better hearing aid models with enhanced wireless connectivity and rechargeable battery alternatives that offer trust in your energy source and extended listening time.

In addition to these features, newer hearing aid models are built with user input, giving wearers even greater access to speech and sound. These revolutionary hearing aids give users a greater listening experience than ever before, thanks to quicker sound processing platforms and sleeker, smaller designs.

Want to learn more about the most recent market offerings? Visit us to see the most recent models on the market.