Questions about Your New Hearing Aids Answered

Questions about Your New Hearing Aids Answered

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Around 50 million Americans have hearing loss. But not everyone who needs hearing aids is wearing them. This means that many of us have unanswered questions about hearing aids and how they work. 

That’s why we’re here to uncover the mysteries of hearing aids, and give you answers to all your hearing aid questions.

How long does it take to get used to hearing aids?

Hearing aids feature a lot of amazing technology that makes it easy for you to hear. But they take some getting used to. You will have a short adjustment period as your ears and brain relearn how to hear with hearing aids.

This works very differently than glasses. You can put on a new pair of glasses and see clearly almost immediately. But when you put on hearing aids all the sounds around you seem different. Even your own voice will sound strange at first. There may be sounds you haven’t heard in years that suddenly sound very loud. For example, the hum of the fridge might bother you for the first couple of days until your brain learns to stop focusing on that sound. For most people, it takes a few days to adjust to new hearing aids. 

Are hearing aids comfortable?

Yes! Your hearing aids should be very comfortable. During the first few days, you might notice your hearing aids a lot. After all, you’re not used to having something in your ears. But you should not experience any pain or discomfort. If your hearing aids are not comfortable, or you have irritation or soreness, it’s a sign that they’re not fitting properly. 

Do hearing aids give me perfect hearing?

Hearing aids can do all kinds of things. They will help you focus on speech sounds and block out noises you don’t want to hear. They’ll reduce background sounds and make it easy to hear all the sounds around you. But hearing aids don’t cure hearing loss. This means that you won’t have perfect hearing. What you will have is effortless conversations, enjoyable social events, and reduced listening fatigue.

Do all hearing aids look the same?

Hearing aids aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are several kinds of hearing aids, including Behind-the-Ear, In-the-Ear, and In-the-Canal hearing aids. Each type of hearing aid sits in a different place and works a little differently. Some hearing aids rest behind the ear, others fill the outer ear, and others rest inside the ear canal. Some are so small they’re almost impossible to spot. Finally, some hearing aids have disposable batteries and others have rechargeable batteries. All these components make each pair of hearing aids look very different.

Many hearing aids are also custom molded to fit each unique ear. This means that even if someone has the same kind of hearing aids as you do, their devices will look somewhat different than yours. 

How long will hearing aids last?

On average, people wear a pair of hearing aids for roughly 5 years. Because you use your hearing aids all day every day, they get a lot of wear. Eventually, this can cause damage or start to affect sound quality. However, lots of people choose to get new hearing aids because they’re excited about new programs and features and can’t wait to upgrade their devices. 

Do hearing aids need a lot of maintenance?

Hearing aids don’t need much maintenance. The key is to keep them clean and dry. We recommend cleaning your hearing aids every night when you take them out. You can wipe them with a soft, dry cloth, and even use a hearing aid pick to clean out any dirt, dust, or earwax from the hearing aid ports or around the battery door.

Hearing aids will need some regular maintenance. It’s a good idea to bring your devices to the office once every 6 months for a check-up. We’ll give them a thorough cleaning and look for any signs of needed repairs. Staying ahead on maintenance will prevent lots of major problems.

After a few years, you might start noticing some issues. Some problems can be solved in the office. If we can’t fix your devices, we’ll send them back to the manufacturer to get them back to perfect working order.

Do you have more hearing aid questions? Come visit us today and get the answers.