Meditation Could Help Alleviate Tinnitus

Meditation Could Help Alleviate Tinnitus

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Tinnitus is a health condition related to ears where you hear a constant humming or ringing sound. As of this writing, there are no known cure for this ear condition but certain medications, treatments and lifestyle changes can help reduce some of its symptoms. Meditation is one such treatment.

The human body is designed to function at its optimal level when emotional health is sound, so meditation or other mind calming exercise is important for everyone. It is especially important for those who are at risk or already been diagnosed with ringing in the ear. As you may be aware, meditation is key in preventing stress, anxiety and other mental problems. Moreover, studies have shown that meditation reduces the chance that you will get serious illnesses like this or that existing tinnitus-like condition will advance to the next level.

Meditating with Tinnitus

Unfortunately, with constant irritating sound in the ears, meditating may seem like an arduous task. And because meditation requires a silent setup, doing it with this ear condition may seem like a cruel joke. The moment you sit down and close your eyes, your sound may get even louder. The truth is, this is not the sound getting any louder; instead you are reducing the external stimuli and focusing on a single source of sound, which is originating in the brain.

A study about tinnitus tested whether the risk of getting this disease or its effect decreased with meditation techniques. The researchers found that consistent meditation is actually associated with reducing symptoms associated with the condition and providing relief with time. These findings were independent of the individual’s other health conditions, fitness level or habits. The finding is clear – meditation can help reduce and slow the progress of this ear issue. However, despite these findings, many people avoid meditation and instead opt for pills and surgeries. As mentioned above, there have been no instance of cure from this condition through any of the available medical interventions.

Tips for Meditation

Because meditation is so important for your overall health, especially to reduce anxiety and stress, we offer a few ideas for adding this activity into your lifestyle. If you haven’t meditated before, begin at a gradual pace. Start with fifteen to thirty minutes of calming your mind and eventually adding more time to it. Limit the time you spend on noisy activities like watching TV with high volume, taking part in loud celebrations or listening to loud music through headphones. Pick an activity that is mostly done in a silent environment. If you are able to trim most of the time you spend in a noisy surrounding, you will find it easier to cope with this condition.

In essence, it is possible to manage tinnitus and find relief with mindfulness meditation. There are many courses that have already become popular among individuals and recommended by health professionals. Most of them aim to reduce stress and have resulted in higher success rate. If you can, keep track of your symptoms and consult your physician regularly to keep you motivated.

Understanding Tinnitus

Note that tinnitus-like condition is not the result of damage to the ear. As Powel Jastreboff, a scientist who has extensively studied about this illness notes, it is important to educated people suffering from this ear issue to have a positive attitude and consider it as a music of the brain. He further notes that there is a strong correlation between this condition and emotional health. Stress and anxiety may be one of the few causes. Genetic factor is another. Bad diet and lifestyle may also impact ear health negatively. Meditation has been proved to be useful and helpful in many such cases.

Meditation is in fact practiced for both its mind-calming ability and health benefits. The techniques are characterized by the use of mind based on silence and relaxation, rather than physical exertion. Having a consistent meditation routine works great to increase focus and cope with tinnitus.

While meditation can make a crucial difference to your ear health, if you are older or on certain medications for this condition, check with your physician as well. This is especially important if you are taking pills for diabetes, heart condition or blood pressure as some treatment options may not be suitable for you.

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