May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month!

Clear hearing can make all the difference in the world, especially for children. If you have a child who’s struggling to hear, they are faced with a lot of disadvantages, and without early treatment they’ll struggle to keep up with their hearing peers. Speech and language development are slowed, and they’ll have a harder time learning to read and write. These are fundamental skills that your child must master as early as possible. But don’t worry, once you ensure that your child is hearing, they’ll go on to do incredible things, just like Branden Baker.

American Speech Language Hearing Association

May is the best month to look after your child’s hearing health. For the past 92 years, May has been recognized as Better Speech and Hearing Month! The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) works tirelessly all year to provide education and treatment to those with communication and speech disorders, and with over 200,000 members, the ASHA is ready to help you communicate. Visit to learn more about this year’s theme “Communication Across the Lifespan” and participate in Better Speech and Hearing Month by testing your child’s hearing.

Who is Branden Baker?

One extraordinary child with hearing loss is Branden Baker. He was 10 years old when he went on the Ellen show in 2017 and became famous overnight. He has severe hearing loss in both ears, and has been struggling with hearing loss since he was just a few months old. Like many kids, Branden had trouble keeping track of his hearing aids, looking after them properly, leaving them in his ears, and protecting them from the dog who loved to chew on everything. However, he didn’t let hearing loss hold him back, and he’s a fun-loving and energetic kid, learning all about the world along with his hearing peers in school.

Raising Money for Those with Hearing Loss

When Branden’s parents had to replace the dog-chewed devices yet again, they sat down with Branden to explain how big of an investment hearing aids are, and the importance or looking after the devices carefully. They told him that many people in the world can’t even afford to buy hearing aids, and he was fortunate to have access to hearing devices. This struck a chord with Branden, and he started to raise money for the kids who can’t hear. Branden is a hug Ellen fan, so he asked himself “what would Ellen do?” and launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for hearing aids for those who can’t afford to buy devices. Ellen saw his fundraising video and campaign, and invited Branden to the show to talk about his hearing loss and the fundraising campaign.

Since being on the Ellen show, Branden has continued to raise money for those in the deaf and hard of hearing community who need hearing aids but can’t afford them. For his 11th birthday, Branden and his family went to Guatemala, and with the money they raised, they were able to give hearing aids to over 100 people. He partners with the Oticon Hearing Foundation, and continues to raise funds for hearing aids for people in the US, Guatemala and Zambia, Africa.

You’re Never Too Young to Change the World

Branden might still be a kid, but he’s making a real difference for people all around the world who can’t hear. “You’re never too young or old to make an impact” says Branden, and he keeps living his purpose and helping others hear. You can listen to his inspiring TEDx talk here: In the last few months, Branden has launched a campaign encouraging people to get out and do whatever they want to do. His slogan is “find your purpose and do something with it.”

My Hearing Centers

Are you inspired by Branden’s story? If your child is struggling to hear, don’t limit them, but visit us today at My Hearing Centers for a hearing test. This comprehensive, non-invasive test will help us find out exactly what sounds your child can and can’t hear, and determine what treatment options will work best for their unique hearing needs. This May, celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month with us, and look after your child’s hearing health. With quality hearing devices, you child will be able to learn and grow along with their hearing peers, and just like Branden, will grow up to change the world.