In the Loop: Get the Most out of Your Hearing with Hearing Loop Technology

In the Loop: Get the Most out of Your Hearing with Hearing Loop Technology

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Hearing technology has become more and more advanced in recent years, and it’s never been easier to hear. When it comes to getting the most from your devices, hearing loop technology will give you a whole new hearing experience in large venues.

What is a Hearing Loop?

Hearing loop technology is an ingenious way to help you hear. The audio induction loop is a sound system created specifically for those who wear hearing aids. The hearing loop allows your hearing aids to tap directly into the sound system of large venues, and you won’t be straining to hear, or miss important information due to an echo in the space, or someone chatting in the row behind you.

How Does a Hearing Loop Work?

A hearing loop has two parts, one in the hearing aid and one in the venue. Many of today’s hearing aids come with hearing loop technology, and this consists of a small copper wire, called a T-coil, embedded in the hearing aid. A venue that’s equipped with hearing loop technology has a loop cable, or a small wire that’s placed around a room, either in the walls or along the floor, that transmits sounds from the PA system to the T-coil in your hearing aid. Once installed, this hearing loop is always on, and whether one or one hundred people connect to the hearing loop, it will effectively transmit sounds to every hearing aid with no effort on your part.

Hearing loops are being installed in more and more buildings, and you can expect to find hearing loops in auditoriums, churches, theaters, conference rooms, and classrooms. They are also becoming more common in transit centers, such as bus or train stations, and even airports.

Who Should Use a Hearing Loop?

Hearing loops are changing the way those with hearing aids can interact with the world around them. With hearing loop technology, you’ll never have to strain to hear someone speaking from the front of an auditorium, or struggle to hear announcements in church. The T-coil will allow you to be directly connected to the PA system, and you’ll hear sounds right in your ear rather than hearing sounds as they bounce off the walls and ceiling on the way to you, making it much harder to understand what’s been said.

A survey in 2014 asked 866 adults with T-coil hearing aids to rate their experiences with hearing loop technology on a scale of 1 to 10. Not surprisingly, 86% of adults rated their hearing ability with hearing loops as being between 8 and 10! They were able to understand speech easily, and hear all the important sounds they wanted to hear. The hearing loop will eliminate background noise and make hearing a breeze. As long as you have a hearing aid with a T-coil, you’ll be able to hear clearly without needing to wear a receiver, or use any other piece of assistive technology.

Benefits of Hearing Loop Technology

Hearing loops will help you hear in the places you need it the most. They provide top quality sound, and you’ll be able to hear all sounds from the PA system directly in your ears rather than having to battle background noises. It’s extremely convenient technology, and you won’t need to stand in line to receive any other equipment, but can access clear hearing using just your hearing aids.

Accessing the hearing loop system at your favorite venues also increases hygiene, and reduces your chances of getting sick since you won’t need to share headsets or earbuds with other patrons, or worry that they haven’t been cleaned properly. Not only that, but you won’t be drawing attention to yourself, and no one will notice that you’re using any assistive technology.

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