How Music Can Help Shape the Future of Hearing Health

How Music Can Help Shape the Future of Hearing Health

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Music is powerful. Sound and music can evoke strong emotions or help us feel calm during stressful situations. Music can give us energy and motivate us to do more. And if you have a smartphone and a pair of earbuds, you can access music anywhere you go. Hearing aid technology is also embracing music, and this is shaping the future of hearing health.

Music and Current Wellness Trends

Music can change your mood, give you an energy boost, or motivate you to do more. Music is being used more than ever before as part of current wellness trends. Music can make your exercise routine more energetic, keep you focused at work, or even help you wind down before bed. Music streaming services, like Spotify and Amazon Music, are offering new personalized music and playlist recommendations designed to improve personal wellness outcomes.

Hearing Aids and Music

Hearing aid technology is keeping up with current listening trends. Advanced music listening programs on your hearing aids can bring all the color back to music. These programs balance out the music, providing a rich, full sound even at pitches that are affected by your hearing loss. 

Hearing aids for music lovers offer a dynamic range that can accommodate changes in volume and pitch while still preserving sound quality. Rather than turning up the volume on your music player or your hearing aids, these programs help you listen without distortions. You can even customize these programs to optimize music quality, provide additional amplification for sounds you can’t hear clearly, and give you high-fidelity sound.

Many modern hearing aids also wirelessly connect to your phone using Bluetooth technology. You can stream music or audio directly to your hearing aids to enjoy the best sound quality.

Sound Masking Tinnitus Treatment

Hearing aids can even use music to help you manage tinnitus. If you have tinnitus, you know just how annoying this phantom sound can be, especially if you’re in a quiet place. Many hearing aids offer tinnitus management programs that can be calibrated to match your unique experience of tinnitus. These programs offer you several sounds to choose from, including white noise, pink noise, nature sounds, and even your own music from your personal music library.

The program can match your tinnitus with the sound you want to hear, making the tinnitus sounds fade into the background. You’ll be able to ignore tinnitus, feel less stressed, and improve your health and wellbeing.

Hearing Aids can Track Health Outcomes

The future of hearing health isn’t just about your ears. Hearing aids are becoming the ultimate wearable devices that help you monitor your overall wellness. Just like a Fitbit that tracks exercise and heart rate, some hearing aids manufacturers are developing hearing aids that can monitor your health.

Several hearing aids available today can track biometric markers including heart rate and activity levels. Taking these measurements from the ear is actually more accurate than taking them at the wrist, so you’ll get a better picture of your overall health. These hearing aids use integrated sensors combined with artificial intelligence to monitor your health.

Some hearing aids can even track your cognitive health. For example, hearing aids can collect data about how much time you spend in social settings or how often you’re actively listening. Monitoring these measures can help you get enough mental exercise to lower your risk of dementia, reduce social isolation, and even combat anxiety. 

You can also look for hearing devices with built-in fall detection and alert programs. These hearing aids use sensors to detect if you’ve fallen, and the devices can initiate a call for help. With all this new technology, hearing aids are becoming truly multifunctional devices that support your overall health and wellness.

Your Hearing Health

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