How Music Can Help Shape the Future of Hearing Health

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Do you listen to music every day? Maybe you tune into the radio over breakfast or put on your favorite playlist at work. Music can give you extra energy during a workout or bring you a feeling of calm when you’re stressed. Hearing aids are helping more people enjoy listening to music, and even using music to shape the future of hearing health.

Current Wellness Trends Embracing Music

If you’ve ever put on a favorite song to change your mood, you know just how powerful music can be. Music can elevate your mood, give you a burst of energy, bring a sense of calm to a stressful situation, or help you fall asleep at night. Some companies, like Amazon Music and Spotify, are making it easier than ever to create and personalize music playlists that will improve your overall wellness. You can create a great playlist for your morning workout, a playlist to help you focus at work, or a playlist that helps you relax, meditate, or unwind at the end of a long day.

Hearing Aid Technology Increases Music Enjoyment

If you have hearing loss, you may have stopped listening to music or using music to affect your overall wellness. But modern hearing technology is set to change the way you appreciate music. Advanced music listening programs are making music sound better than ever before. Hearing devices can restore the rich, full sound you’ve been missing in music.

These programs let you listen to all the highs and lows of music, a well as all the volume changes, while still offering you amazing sound quality. Modern hearing technology also lets you connect wirelessly to your smartphone. You can stream music directly to your devices for even better sound quality.

Sound Masking Tinnitus Treatment

Music is also a powerful tool to help you manage your hearing health if you have tinnitus. This annoying buzzing or ringing sound in your ears can make it challenging to focus at work or enjoy deep and restful sleep at night. Hearing aids use tinnitus management programs to help you mask tinnitus and enjoy your day without this phantom sound.

These programs can play white noise or nature sounds. But new hearing aids are also letting you customize our tinnitus management program with your music. You can improve your overall hearing health and mask tinnitus with music played right in your hearing aids. 

Hearing Aids Accurately Track Health Measures

Did you know that hearing aids can also track health measures? This technology works similarly to your Fitbit. Some modern hearing aids have advanced programs that can accurately track health measures to monitor your overall health and wellness. These devices can track your heart rate and activity levels. And hearing aids can provide a more accurate measurement than other wearable devices, giving you the best picture of your overall wellness.

Hearing aids can also monitor your cognitive health. Advanced programs collect data about the sounds around you. For example, they measure how much time you spend in social settings, or how often you use certain programs designed to help you follow conversations. The more time you spend actively listening and engaging in conversations, the better it is for your brain. So this program can show you how much time you spend exercising your brain. Socializing and keeping your brain active will reduce your risk of dementia. Being socially connected also reduces your risk of anxiety, isolation, and even depression. 

Your Hearing Health

Now is the best time to find out more about how hearing aids help you hear music, and how music is shaping the future of hearing health. When you visit us for your hearing test, ask about advanced hearing aid programs that will help you monitor your hearing health as well as your overall health and wellness. We work with the top hearing aid manufacturers in the world to offer you hearing aids that can change your life.

Look for hearing aids with music enjoyment programs, tinnitus management programs, and even built-in health monitoring features to get the most out of your next pair of hearing aids. Together we’ll find the devices that are perfect for you and your health and hearing needs.