Hearing Loss Patients at Higher Risk of Hospital Readmission

Hearing Loss Patients at Higher Risk of Hospital Readmission

Are you familiar with the signs of hearing loss? With hearing loss, you may struggle to follow conversations, and you may not keep in touch with all your friends. You sleep through your alarm clock, and you may have burnt the cookies because you didn’t hear the stove alarm. Because hearing loss occurs gradually, people often make accommodations to get through the day. However, a recent study shows that those living with untreated hearing loss not only risk more injury or hospitalization, people with hearing loss are at a higher risk of hospital readmission.

Risking Your Health

Hearing loss is more than missing out on the odd word here and there, or struggling to talk on the phone. In fact, hearing loss has significant effects on your overall health. In fact, those with hearing loss are far more likely to be injured than those who can hear. Clear hearing actually keeps you safe, helping you stay alert in your environment, such as hearing a car horn alerting you to stay on the sidewalk or hearing children yelling as their ball flies towards you. If you’re living with untreated hearing loss, you’re far more likely to experience accidents, slips, or falls.

Hard of Hearing and Hospitalization

A recent study at New York University looked at data from nearly 4,500 seniors who were hospitalized in the past few years and found that those who had hearing loss and struggled to communicate with their doctor or nurse were 32% more likely to be readmitted to hospital within a month. Not only does this lead to worse health outcomes, it’s also costly.

Hospitals are notoriously loud places, and while you might think your hearing is fine in the quiet of your own living room, hospitals are full of people in crowded waiting rooms, sounds from the PA echoing in hallways, and endless beeping from different machines. This environment makes having a clear conversation difficult. Furthermore, when busy, medical providers may speak quickly, which makes it even more difficult to follow in conversation.

Communicating with Your Doctor

Many older patients report having trouble communicating with their doctor and feel like they haven’t expressed their needs fully. They also report difficulties in understanding the doctor’s evaluation or advice. If you’re not able to hear your doctor’s instructions for how to take medication, for example, you might find yourself returning to your provider after a short period for the same concern.

However, if you treat your hearing loss with hearing devices, you’ll be able to communicate your concerns to the doctor, and receive quality care during the first visit. Understanding your diagnosis, and hearing the treatment solutions, you’ll be able to follow the doctor’s advice and recover sooner.

Seeking Treatment for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a permanent condition that is prevalent among older Americans. Two-thirds of people over the age of 65 experience some degree of hearing loss. With this level of prevalence, hearing loss is often undiagnosed and undertreated. Sadly, avoiding your hearing health may lead to other negative consequences to your health and well-being. If you want the best health outcomes, easy communication with family and friends, improved quality of life, and a lower chance of hospital readmission, then seeking treatment is your best course of action.

Hearing loss is most commonly treated with the prescription of hearing aids. Hearing aids have been found to bring significant benefits to one’s life and well-being. People who treat their hearing loss with the use of hearing aids lead more active lifestyles, reconnecting with loved ones and pursuing their passions with confidence.

Scheduling a Hearing Test

At My Hearing Centers, our expert staff will help you realize the benefits of treating hearing loss. The first step is to schedule a hearing test. During the hearing test you’ll listen to a series of sounds, and you’ll be asked to tell us which sounds you can hear. This will allow us to determine whether a hearing loss is present. If so, our team will work with you to find the best hearing devices to meet your hearing needs. We offer advanced hearing aid solutions to fit into any lifestyle. Take a step to ensure your health and contact our team at My Hearing Centers today to schedule an appointment.