Hearing Aid Accessories for Better Hearing

Hearing Aid Accessories For Even Better Hearing

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Hearing Aid Accessories For Even Better Hearing

Our lives change in a lot of positive ways when we find the right hearing aid. A great hearing aid can improve our relationships with friends and family, help us better enjoy our favorites activities and reconnect with the world around us. But even after we find the perfect hearing aid, there are even more ways to improve our hearing.

After finding the right hearing aid for you, the next step is often finding the aid accessories that put us in even more control of our hearing. Whether that’s more control over our hearing aid settings, ways to connect with digital devices or clever additions for active lifestyles, there’s a hearing aid accessory that’s perfect for all of us.

After finding the right hearing aid, the next step is to find the right aid accessories. Check out these three additions for an even better hearing experience.


Hearing Aid Bluetooth Wireless Transmitters

Nowadays, we’re all more connected to our devices than ever before. Our cell phones, televisions, computers and car stereos all grow “smarter” and more intuitive year after year. One of the coolest advancements in our digital technologies is Bluetooth, which allows us to connect wirelessly to our devices.

For hearing aid wearers, that means the ability to connect directly to our music players, stereos, phones and televisions. This can mean listening to your favorite TV show or music is clearer than doing so through speakers – and all it takes it a Bluetooth wireless transmitter to do it.

Separate from the hearing aid, these transmitters connect certain Bluetooth enabled aids with other Bluetooth devices, like smartphones. Then, it transmits the sound directly to our aids for clear and easy-to-understand speech and sound. These are great accessories for those that use their phones, tablets and other ‘smart’ technology on a regular basis.


Rechargeable Batteries and Charging Docks

Nearly everyone nowadays has a cell phone or other digital device that they carry around with them each day. Of course, these devices rely on batteries to operate – and we often charge these batteries by our bedside each night.

Lots of hearing aids use normal batteries that need to be regularly replaced, like we would replace batteries in our watch or our remote control. However, some hearing aids come equipped with rechargeable aid batteries that connect to a charging dock just like our smartphones. We can charge these hearing aids on our beside table each night along with our other devices.

Depending on the hearing aid, rechargeable batteries can last up to 12 hours. That means we’re rarely caught off guard with dead batteries that can’t be replaced, and we can easily plug them in for some extra charge. For active individuals who don’t want to fuss with replacement batteries, rechargeable aids with docks are a great investment.


Hearing Aid Remote Controls

When is the last time you remember having to stand up and walk to your television to change the channel or volume? Hardly ever – and that’s thanks to our remote controls. Remote controls give us control at our fingertips, which is something many of us take for granted.

Hearing aids, too, have specific settings that some would prefer to have direct control over, just like television channels or volume. For these types of hearing aid wearers, some aids come with a special remote control to adjust simple settings like volume, microphone direction and hearing environment settings.

Better yet, some advanced hearing aids can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. These special apps sometimes do more than just control simple settings – they can even be used for Bluetooth transmitters or to create custom sound settings for particular environments.

Of course, it’s always best to make decisions about your hearing needs with the help of a hearing professional. Contact our hearing experts to talk about your specific hearing needs and how to meet them. We’re ready to make your hearing experience the best that it can be!


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