Are Two Hearing Aids Better Than One?

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If you’ve noticed changes in your hearing over the past few months, you want to learn more about hearing aids and treat your hearing loss. We’re here to answer all your questions about hearing aids, and help you find the right solution for your hearing needs. Do you feel as though your hearing is far worse in one ear than in the other? Maybe you’ve wondered about wearing one hearing aid instead of two. Here’s the answer to a common question: are two hearing aids better than one?

Why You Should Wear Two Hearing Aids

Most people have some hearing loss in both ears. Even if you have one “good” ear and one “bad” ear, you probably have some hearing loss in both ears. Your good ear may hear more than your bad ear, but that doesn’t mean your good ear actually has great hearing. Wearing two hearing aids will help you hear clearly. Each device will be calibrated to the exact hearing loss in that ear, so whatever the level of hearing loss, you’ll be able to hear better. With two hearing aids you’ll hear all the sounds around you, and enjoy natural hearing.

Better Sound Quality

Have you been struggling to follow conversations? Even if the person speaks loudly, the sound clarity just isn’t there, even when listening with your good ear. That’s because hearing loss affects the quality of sounds, making it difficult to understand speech. When you wear two hearing aids, you’ll enjoy better sound quality. Speech will be clear and easy to understand, and you can easily participate in conversations without straining to hear.

Better Amplification

Your ears and brain work together to help you hear. When you hear with both ears, you perceive the sounds at a higher volume compared to hearing sounds with only one ear. Wearing two hearing aids provides better amplification, and you won’t have to turn up the amplification so high on your devices. This binaural hearing also contributes to better speech understanding, and an easier time following conversations. 

When you wear two hearing aids you can hear clearly without turning up the volume. You’ll use less power, and your batteries will last longer than if you wear only one hearing aid.

Better Sound Localization

If you’ve been having difficulty identifying where a sound is coming from, two hearing aids will help. Your brain relies on getting sounds from both your ears to determine the source of a sound. If you’re only wearing one hearing aid, it will be hard to know where a sound is coming from. With two hearing aids, you’ll easily locate sounds in the environment. This helps you get a clear picture or your surroundings, and will keep you safe. For example, you’ll have no trouble hearing emergency sirens, and knowing exactly where they’re coming from.

Better Brain Health

Did you know that wearing two hearing aids is good for your brain, and helps your brain stay in shape? You exercise your body to maintain your health, such as going for walks or even taking the stairs. It’s also important to exercise the brain. When you have hearing loss, the auditory regions of the brain aren’t receiving enough stimulation, and some cells in the brain aren’t being used. These cells may be used for something else or may even die. People with hearing loss have less gray matter in their auditory centers than those with clear hearing. 

Wearing two hearing aids leads to better brain health. With hearing aids, both your ears will hear the sounds around you, and send all these signals to the brain. This exercises the brain, and all the cells in the auditory regions of the brain stay active and healthy. Not only will you be hearing more clearly, you’ll be doing the right thing for your brain.

Higher Satisfaction

Wearing two hearing aids increases user satisfaction. When you have two devices, they work together to help you hear clearly. You’ll have an easier time hearing in background noise, and you’ll be able to hear every word during conversations with your friends. Wearing two hearing aids provides better hearing in most listening situations, and you’ll have higher satisfaction when using two hearing aids.