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Many people are hesitant to seek help from a hearing professional. Find out what to expect during an evaluation.

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Hearing aid technology has improved dramatically over the last few years. Learn about new options, features and benefits.

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Many individuals often ask the question “What is hearing loss and how does it really affect me?” Learn more about how hearing works

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  • I love my new hearing aids!(Siemens Mi5's with Minitek) I can hear so much better and I love that the sound comes directly to my ears. (Minitek Bluetooth feature)" Thank you!

    Beth G.

  • "My mom has received excellent care of her hearing at My Hearing Centers. Her hearing aids have been adjusted to the point that mom is comfortable, hearing much better and our communication has improved tremendously. We are delighted with the improvement in quality of life." Lynn & Gloria Thank you,

    Sandy R.

  • "Happy Days Are "Hear" Again! Hearing loss runs rampant in my family. I put off even getting a test for years; when I knew I needed to. When a personal experience prompted me, I finally went to get a test, just seeing it was available from my family doctor's clinic. I have been happy in every way since my purchase. On a scale from 1-10, I'd say it's an 11 or 12. Don't put it off. You can call me if you'd like further information from me." Thank you!

    Barb B.

  • I purchased Siemens Pure 301 hearing aids 6/28/12 and have worked with Lisa Mander since then. I was very apprehensive as I had heard many tales of trials and tribulations(about hearing aids). My experience has been extremely positive. Lisa has been very thorough in helping me adjust. I would recommend My Hearing Centers (especially Lisa) to anyone.

    Jay W.

  • Theyre great! I'm real happy with them. They charge up real well. They're clear and you can't see them.

    S. Hill

  • I was most fortunate to have gone to Dr. Tad Bergen (Audiology Associates of Salt Lake City). Because of age-related hearing loss, I needed help...immediately. Dr. Tad not only alleviated my problem, but has been patiently and kindly working with me...adjusting and tweeking my hearing aid to my absolute satisfaction. Thank you, Dr. Tad, for you highly professional and compassionate care to a senior in need.

    G. Hill

  • "My old hearing aids were not meeting my needs. After learning about My Hearing Centers, and being tested, I was fitted with new devices. What an improvement, I didn't recognize there was music at my exercise class! I forgot how loud the birds chirped, I had to ask to turn DOWN the volume on the tv and radio. Thank you!

    Kathy P.

  • Thank you Brandon, for giving Ron back his hearing and back to enjoying time visiting with people again. It was getting to the point he hated to be around crowds and people due to his not hearing. Now it has changed completely. We were at a wedding and he was so happy he could actually hear what people were saying at the table even with the music playing. I have noticed such a difference in his hearing, it nice not to have to repeat myself over and over again. After being married for 38 years, I know how much this has meant to Ron to have his hearing back. Thanks to Brandon for making our lives back to normal, he is one special guy.

    Ann R.

  • I started with My Hearing Center last fall (2012). The hearing aids I first started with were the 501XCL- 12 channels. I didn't seem to have much luck with them. My hearing just wasn't like it should of been and had so much feed back. I do have profound hearing loss so was thinking this is what I have to put up with. Then the person helping me left that office and Brandon Andrews came into that office. From the time Brandon took over it was a totally new experience. He wouldn't stop until he got me hearing the best I could possibly have. He switched me to the Micon 7 - 48 channels, hearing aids and it was like day and night difference. I now have hearing that I never thought I could ever have again. These hearing aids are almost like natural hearing, I actually have to check to make sure they are in my ears, they are that comfortable. Thanks to Brandon I feel I have my life back to normal. I would recommend these hearing aids to anyone. And for Brandon you can't find a better person to work with, he proves how much he cares about taking care of his clients. Thank you Brandon.

    Carrol C.

  • I'm going to tell you all about my doctor, his name is Doug Christensen I have never had a doctor do such a great job. I have been checked for hearing three times and never had a thorough job done like I did with Dr. Christensen he is so passionate and very professional in his work I felt very comfortable with him, and my hearing is perfect now thanks to him. I don't have to wait too long for my appointments.

    Katie J.

  • I would like to thank Audiology Associates of Salt Lake, and in particular, Tad Bergen for the unbelievable service that has been rendered to me and my family over the years. My family deals with a particularly difficult form of hearing loss that can make it a challenge to properly fit a pair of hearing aids. Tad has done an exceptional job rising to that challenge. With ages ranging from my 60 year old mother on down to my 3 year old daughter, Tad has made each of us feel at ease and completely comfortable with the entire process of understanding and improving our hearing situation. Each of our lives have been immeasurably improved as a result of Tad's proficiency as an Audiologist.

    Bert K.

  • Most hearing aids are adjusted for your hearing once. With "My Hearing Center" your hearing aids are fitted adjusted and readjusted improving with each hands on adjustment. I've worn hearing aids for 20 years and this is the first time I feel comfortable wearing them and I can hear. I really appreciate all of Lisa's help in getting my hearing comfortable and for caring. Thank You

    Matthew J.

  • I wish to express to you my appreciation for improving my hearing aids. My hearing aids now provide me with much better audio and clarity of voice and tone. Please be assured that I will and have recommended your service. Sincerely yours,

    Michelle G.

  • I highly recommend Brandon Andrews at My Hearing Center to any first time users of hearing aids. He has patiently helped me through all the fittings and adjustments necessary for me to be comfortable with my hearing aids. I am sure you too will be surprised and satisfied with all the attention and service you get from Brandon.

    James S.

  • I’m so glad I found My Hearing Centers. They offer wonderful service and fine products to choose from. My hearing technician is very capable and a joy to be with. I look forward to each appointment. And of course, my hearing aids are still working great!

    Martha S.

  • Well, I certainly didn't think I really needed hearing aids, but my daughter and doctor thought it would be a good idea. After only three adjustment visits and some experimenting on my own I am convinced, my hearing is much more comfortable! The expert fitting by Norm Gibson and the skillful adjusting by Starkey's audiologist have improved the quality of my daily life. My doctor and daughter were correct. Thanks!

    Doug K.

  • My previous hearing aids irritated my skin, over amplified sounds and made it hard for me to hear my own voice normally while I was singing! My new hearing aids from My Hearing Centers have solved all three of these problems.

    Mark S.

  • I wish to formalize, in writing, my experience with you at My Hearing Centers and the newest Siemens hearing aids. With the new hearing aids I found I was no longer struggling to hear or to understand.  I would come to the end of my day and not feel exhausted from 'working' to hear.  Even with the first hearing aids I wore, I found I was mentally worn out by the end of the day because everything sounded so unnatural.  When I began wearing the newest Siemens hearing aids, I was amazed.  For the first  time in several years life sounded like I remembered it sounding.  The contrast between these new instruments and my first ones was like night and day.  The tinny, artificial, amplified sound  was gone.  Even the simple act of scratching my head, sounded like scratching my head instead of like drumming my fingernails on a counter top.  Running my fingers through my hair had almost no discern-able sound, where as before it had sounded like I was rubbing my fingers on fine grit sandpaper. My dog barking sounded normal instead of like the blast of an extremely loud horn right next to my head.  Everyday noises became commonplace, rather than being so loud or so explosive, that they were jarring. Background noises that we all hear everyday, became, once again, merely background noise almost unnoticed.   The turn signal on my vehicle was once again just loud enough to know it was functioning, and not a distraction.  Cars passing me on the freeway sounded natural again instead of making me jump thinking I was about to be run over.  Since I am a musician, I am very aware of sound, pitch, volume etc.  While we are still working on getting the secondary program for music properly adjusted, it too, is much superior to the first hearing aids I wore.  To sum up, I would recommend this particular hearing aid to anyone, musician or not. Loss of hearing is a very personal, emotional life-altering experience.  It presses in on you and alienates you from all the people, places and activities that you love and that are a part of your life.  To be able to really hear life is a blessing.  These new hearing aids augment that ability - I am very grateful for them.   Life with all it's myriad sounds, tones and audio textures is becoming more and more 'normal' again. Thank you.

    Ann R.

  • I wanted to take a moment to tell you how these amazing hearing aids have changed my life! I have had them now for six months and I live in a whole new world! I will never forget the day you put them in my ears for the very first time. Since I have had a hearing loss for so long I had no idea what to expect. My right ear is my worst. When you put the hearing aid in my right ear my husband, who was sitting several feet away on my right side, said something to you. I was shocked to hear his voice and to realize I had heard absolutely every word he said! Upon hearing his words, I immediately began to cry! I was so used to not being a part of the conversation around me that I no longer expected to understand what people were saying. It felt like a miracle! It was like opening up a world that I didn't even know existed! I was overcome!  Now I can experience a part of life that I could only observe from afar! It has done much for my self esteem as well. Before it was so embarrassing to always have to ask people to repeat multiple times what they had said to me. I now do not have to turn my head to make sure my left ear is facing the person talking. I can understand a child asking me a question and can respond with the correct answer!  People don't have to speak louder when talking to me. I feel like an equal now! It is wonderful!  A short time after I received my hearing aids I attended a wedding. My niece was sitting on my right side and she leaned over to whisper something to me. I began to turn around in my seat so that she could whisper in my left ear when I remembered I had my hearing aids. I decided to take a chance and just lean in to her with my right ear. As she whispered into my right ear I was again overwhelmed to experience every soft word as clear as a bell! I felt such joy in that moment and such appreciation for this phenomenal technology! Dave, I want you to know how much I have appreciated your attention to the intricate details and specifics of my personal situation. You knew exactly the right hearing aid for my specific hearing problems. They truly are amazing! Background noise really is in the background and person to person conversation is crisp and clear! I can even hear the consonants now! It's a beautiful thing! I am still in awe and I love my life! I am so grateful for the privilege of hearing. I feel such compassion for those who have no hearing at all! I am blessed! Last of all, I want to thank you for your kindness and caring heart. It comes through in the way you have treated me and in the way I see you treat others.  May you be blessed as you continue to impact lives in creating a world of hearing! most sincerely!

    Sarah M.

  • Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your professionalism and personal attention in the weeks since I got my hearing aids. You took the time to explain to me in a way I could understand the physiology of my loss of hearing and show me how we could improve it. I really appreciate your "bedside manner" and helpful assistance. My life has truly gotten better since. Thanks Again,

    Jeremy L.

  • Dear Brandon, I enjoyed your presentation at the Ear School today. You are well informed and knowledgeable on hearing loss. I was pleased my friend Jan joined me as she is having hearing problems. She too learned new information. Every one from "My Hearing Centers" have been pleasant and helpful since I received the postcard in the mail. Thank you also for the lovely lunch. I am learning more about hearing loss since I joined the HLAA West Valley Chapter. I am impressed with all you told us today. I will call for an appointment. Sincerely,

    Trody M.

  • Hi Dr. Leiterman, Thank you again so much for your time this morning. You asked me to email you as a reminder to send us a referral in the Modesto area where I might get help for my mom. I’ll be looking into it next week while I’m up there. Also, as promised, I did add your office to Yelp and wrote a review, copied below. Thank you so much. If I personally need hearing help in the future, you can be sure I will be seeing you!

    Denni D.

  • Dr. Jonathan Leiterman is an AMAZING and patient, professional doctor. I am so happy that I found him upon moving to the Los Angeles area. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about hearing and the advancements with respect to hearing devices - but he is passionate about the subject. He is honest and in touch with the newest technology. His enthusiasm for his field and the level of care he shows to his patients is unparalleled. I am very young and lost my hearing at a young age. Being fitted with hearing aids was a heart-breaking experience for me. He made the process painless. I have seen audiologists in NYC and ATL and now LA - Dr. Leiterman, hands down, is the best Doctor I have had the pleasure of going through the process with. 5 STARS no less. Thank you Dr. Leiterman.


  • As someone in her 30's, it was a little difficult to bite the bullet and get a hearing aide--I felt like an old lady! But Dr. Leiterman was very calm and patient and also reassuring. He said most of his clientele are like me. His selection of hearing aids speaks to that, as he offers the technology for older people who need something pretty straight-forward, and also plenty of fun tools for the gadget-happy younger set. The hearing aid I selected even has BLUETOOTH! During my first appointment I was given a thorough hearing test. Once my level of hearing loss was evaluated, I was able to "test drive" several different devices (I got to take each of them home!) to determine which was the most comfortable and "user friendly." Dr. Leiterman brought me in for as many follow-up visits as needed until we got it perfect. He didn't complain once that I was being high maintenance The pricing is fair, but now that I have my device, I've realized that you can't put a price on the ability to hear. No more trying to figure out what people are saying by watching facial expressions or trying to lip read. No more asking "what?" "what?" "what?" every 5 minutes. I realize now how exhausting that is. Now I'm so happy I can finally hear.


  • Dr. Lieterman, You are amazing! Thank you again and my life has improved in a way that I cannot explain. The Yelp review will be there by Friday! Also, if you ever have patients that were in the same predicament that I was in and need to talk to anyone about the experience behind the different hearing aids or anything as such, please feel free to give them my email and or phone. Don't know if that is against practice but to all my hard of hearing friends, we always discuss it. In fact, while I was in D.C. I met a few other hard of hearing people and discussed my experiences and also gave them your info (though 2 of the 3 live in DC!) Thank you again.


  • For two or three years, I have needed Hearing Aids. It was very difficult to hear what people were saying to me, especially when they just seemed to whisper. My children did not like to repeat what they had said to me, and were often a little sarcastic. Some of my friends had Hearing Aids and were very unhappy with theirs, lots of noise and interference. They were terrible expensive and often couldn’t be used after people had spent so much money on them. I was nervous. I reached the point that I had to do something, because my ears were getting much worse. I constantly received mail concerning all kinds of Hearing Aids I just through the mail in the garbage. I received a couple one day and on was especially interesting from My Hearing Centers. It was a nice card with a picture of one of the older Osmond brothers and their hearing problems. I knew about them. It also invited me to a school to hear about Hearing Aids. It was the first card that impressed me, so I signed up. I was impressed as I listened to a very knowledgeable man describe my problems. His voice was so good and comfortable to my ears. His name was Doug Christensen. I had a free hearing test. I felt comfortable about what he was telling me. He insisted that I come back every week for a few times and then less often to make sure that I was happy with my Hearing Aids. He wanted people to be happy with their Hearing Aids. He wanted people to be happy with their Hearing Aids and certainly did his very best to please. I have not had one problem and I really enjoy them. I have had mine now going on five months. I also convinced a family member to go and get some. I would send anyone to Doug Christensen without question. He has been honest and trustworthy for me.

    Leone L.

  • Thank you for making it pleasant for my mom to get her hearing back; after the nightmare she endured at the other place I was worried about her fragile state. She’s doing well though and looking forward to hearing her TV shows! Thanks again for all your patience and good humor, Trina E. Dr. Tad Bergen in Salt Lake City on South Temple has been wonderful to my mother, Jackie K. Very patient, making sure her hearing aids are working properly; showing her how to operate the remote for her hearing aids and gently removing the wax from her ears so she can hear better. I highly recommend Dr. Bergen and his staff.

    Colleen M.

  • I enjoyed your presentation at the Ear School today. You are well informed and knowledgeable on hearing loss. I was pleased my friend, Jan, joined me as she is having hearing problems. She too learned new information. Every one from "My Hearing Centers" has been pleasant & helpful since I received the postcard in the mail. Thank you also for the lovely lunch. I am learning more about hearing loss since I joined the HCAA West Valley Chapter. I am impressed with all you told us today. I will call for an appointment.

    Trody M.

  • I knew nothing about My Hearing Centers and didn’t know what to expect when I went for my initial appointment. I was surprised at the knowledge, skills, and equipment I experienced. I now feel confident with my visits to MHC and would tell anyone I know looking for hearing evaluations about My Hearing Centers.

    Richard K.

  • I am very pleased with my new hearing aids and the staff at My Hearing Centers in Medford, Oregon. I've had hearing aids in the past, and none compare to the ones I have now. They are very clear and easy to operate. Julie and Aaron are really the best!

    Al W.

  • Very knowledgeable staff. I had some concerns when I arrived to consider getting my hearing device. That concern was quickly put to rest. I got answers to all my questions and then some. Customer care is outstanding and ongoing. My Hearing is your one stop to solving your concerns and needs.

    Robert S.

  • Dear My Hearing Center, My Husband Bruce needed hearing aids for a long time. Our youngest daughter Holly helped us get them through you. We got them on October 15, 2014 so Bruce could hear at Holly's son wedding October 18. He was able to hear everything including the reception. Bruce and me were excited about his hearing. Later a granddaughter Adrian called Holly because she could now have a conversation with her grandfather and it was important to her, communication is critical for family and for life. Thank you for all your help and for the hearing aids.

    B. Cook

  • My name is Judie and I have had my hearing aids for 1 1/2 months. I went to my eye doctor for a checkup because I have severe macular degeneration. He checked my eyes and was just dumbfounded because my vision has improved significantly. I am now able to read the street signs on the road. He asked me what I had done differently and the only thing that has changed is that I now wear hearing aids. When I don't have them in I just don't feel right. I am so happy I can hear again and many of my health issues are improving! Thank you My Hearing Centers and Mark Butler.


  • This place is the best. They will treat you like family. Heather is amazing. If you think you could benefit from hearing aids, call them and go try it out. You won't be disappointed.

    Brad H.

  • Heather Jackson has been absolutely fantastic to work with. She has coordinated the service for my hearing aids in spite of my very busy schedule. Excellent Customer Service and highly recommended!!!


  • I have needed hearing aids for many years, but put them off because of the expense. Then I met Shane Osmond (Hearing Specialist at Henderson, Nv location). He checked my hearing; let me try a hearing aid; and educated me about hearing aids. He also told me of financial help available at no interest for two years. There was no pressure whatsoever. My decision was quick and in no time my hearing aids arrived! I still marvel at hearing the rain, the birds, my husband, and even the trash truck on Friday mornings! My hearing aids work in partnership with my iPhone and that's exciting also! I feel so fortunate to have worked with Shane of My Hearing Centers. My life has changed because of my hearing aids.


  • Trust is a commodity both valuable and scarce. I trust Heather Jackson of My Hearing Center in Little Rock. Here’s my story. In one day’s time I change from normal hearing to what I describe as a meager ability of hearing… like a muffled sound of moccasins walking on wet leaves. A virus has attacked my hearing system leaving me with permanent nerve damage. Tested in one of Little Rock’s most noted facilities, the doctors inform me absolutely nothing can be done. They insist hearing aids will be of no assistance. For five years I cannot enter into conversations at family gatherings for lack of hearing, I struggle with interactions when doing errands, music is dulled sound, the television is turned up at highest volume, and I cannot hear my husband’s sentences distinctly, often asking him to repeat himself. My interactive world seems to be shrinking. For five years I visit annually to see if any new innovations have been invented to help my dilemma. Additional tests prove the same hearing result with the same pathetic outcome: NOTHING can be done. For five years these experts are entirely mistaken. For after five years, on one particular day a new individual enters this frustrating scenario…Heather Jackson at My Hearing Center. After testing revealing a severe sensorineural hearing loss in the right ear, she optimistically asserts, “Of course, we can help you hear!” To meet Heather is like embracing sunshine…her winsome smile and inclusiveness immediately leave one feeling more like a friend than a client. Yet, this casualness is like bookends to a wealth of skilled and caring expertise in hearing health care as well as audio engineering. Heather creates an atmosphere of unhurried, proficient attention during my appointment coupled with patience in explaining options. I am astonished at the highest quality state-of-the-art hearing selections available. As I don the nearly unseen hearing aids, as I hear a whisper distinctly, Heather’s face is delighted to see my reaction! In one day’s time I regain the incredible power of hearing. My life is once again altered, only this time in a positive explosion! Astonished at the quick results, I ask if this technology was available five years ago. It was. Today, with the expertise of My Hearing Center and Heather Jackson’s training and compassion, I can hear a dozen different bird calls in the morning, my loved ones voices clearly, the delightful crackling of a fire, the sizzling of bacon cooking, and hundreds of crickets at night…to mention a few sounds restored. My television is turned to a low sound setting and I no longer miss key lines when I attend a play or movie. In one day’s time… But that’s not all. I am not left alone after the initial fitting. Encouraged on a quarterly basis, I love the complimentary follow up care which assures long term success in wearing my incredible hearing aids. And Heather is available for continued consultation anytime I need her. It’s like a bonus on top of winning the lottery! I heartily encourage any who need a hearing specialist to venture an appointment with Heather Jackson at My Hearing Center. I trust them both. Rhonda Kay Barber

    Rhonda Kay

  • I depend on my hearing aids for the following -- the "best" improvements I've experienced are: being able to hear details at movies, in meetings, in the car, watching TV, conversations with family, voices at outdoor events, auditorium speeches -- WELL, I guess just EVERYTHING is better now. I also frequently use the 4 different programs in my hearing aid for different noise environments -- Special thanks to Lisa Lindstrom in the Boise, Idaho office, for her prompt assistance whenever I need it.

    M.E. Parks

  • I had attended the West Jordan Pageant one summer, and while there they had slips for free hearing check. So I picked one up and called. I had the test to find that I have a slight hearing loss. I was fixed for hearing aids, and they were a help with the job that I was presently working. I went in for the adjustments and let me say...Isaac, Mike and Patty were/ARE awesome. It was like having new friends that cared.

    Elizabeth B.

  • I have a rather difficult hearing problem. Issac has taken much time and effort to make my hearing experience as good as He can. I am very pleased with his efforts

    Gerald S.

  • I couldn't understand what my grandchildren were saying. It was breaking my heart. Now I can understand everything they say. I don't have to ask my wife to repeat everything they say anymore. That is priceless and worth every penny I paid for my hearing aids!

    Brad H.

  • Nathan Evans at the Carson City, NV office was quite professional and knowledgeable about the hearing issues I was having. I found his hearing test to be extremely thorough and much more in depth than the test I had at another audiologist recently. We selected a Starkey hearing aid that works with my iPhone. My hearing has improved dramatically and I find it very easy to adjust my hearing aids to various different sound locations. Many locations are programmed in to my iPhones GPS to automatically adjust themselves. I have been back on various occasions to see Nathan, at his request, so that he can make sure my hearing experience is what I expected. I highly recommend Nathan Evans and My Hearing Centers.

    Lance M.

  • I went down to check on buying a new hearing aid. Mike was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly and assisted me in choosing a new hearing aid. He was very patient in instructing and making sure I was familiar with and knew how to operate it. He scheduled an appointment a week after to make sure I was happy with it and had any questions. Thank you for all of your great assistance Mike!!

    Ed G.

  • Thanks to David at the Summerlin location for the terrific service I've received with my new Starkey hearing aids. I have been aware that my hearing was not what it should be and am forever grateful to have such a knowledgeable experienced Staff to help me through all my questions. So far I'm very pleased with my hearing aids and would recommend My Hearing Centers to anyone in need of a full service center as well. Thank you!

    Donald K.

  • I found Mark Butler to be very professional, competent, and caring. He took ample time to explain the results of my hearing test, and the kind of help I am able to obtain through the use of the Starkey Z Series i20 RIC Digital hearing aids. I have now worn my new hearing aids for two days. So far, I am very pleased with their performance. It's a joy to hear others speak without strain or request the speaker to repeat him or herself. And I am happily surprised how affordable the new technology is.

    John E.

  • After a military career of 38 years of working on jet aircraft, my hearing loss was severe. About a year after retiring, I felt it necessary to do something about my hearing loss. Mark Butler gave me a free hearing exam and determined the best hearing aids for my condition. Mark selected a set of Starkey RIC,3 Series i110 hearing aids. This model has 4 program settings and 5 volume settings necessary for multiple environmental sound conditions. Example: Program 1 is for every day listening and conversation; Program 4 is for loud conditions, such as mowing the lawn, or working under the hood of the car, where you don't want to amplify noise. A simple click changes the program without having to remove the hearing aid. Program 3 is used in conjunction with the television transmitter in which the sound goes directly to my hearing aids in stereo. This feature allows the television volume to be set for other's comfort level. Volume Settings of 1-5 is an additional benefit. Follow up adjustments were simple and convenient. Mark is extremely patient, thorough and knowledgeable. His patience with the hard of hearing is commendable. In conclusion, I would like to add that now "I can hear a flea fart"!!

    Bill B.

  • I have been wearing Oticon hearing aids from My Hearing Centers since 2012. I had tried other hearing aids in the past with no success.From the first day, the quality of these hearing aids was apparent. I could hear all the little sounds I had been missing and I am able to hear the full quality of music again. Mark Butler at the Reno office is very knowledgeable and helpful. He is able to make the necessary fine adjustments to my aids in response to changes in my hearing. I am pleased with my experience.

    Diane H.

  • I want to say that my husband and I are both so pleased and happy with the hearing aids from My Hearing Centers. My old hearing aids were not allowing me to hear very well at all. Now, thanks to Debby Smith at the Avenue of the Arts location in AZ. I'm so hearing much better! My husband is no longer trying to understand my off the wall answers to his questions. I actually understand him and give an appropriate response. It's just great to "hear" again. Debby is just the greatest and took her time to explain what she was doing and why as she fitted me with my new Starkey's. Both John and I just love her and appreciate what she has done for me and us. Please give Debby a chance to guide you through a hearing test, you will never be sorry you did. Truly "hearing" is such a wonderful thing I never want to be without again. Listening to the birds, the wind in my wind chimes and my husbands whispered "I love you," mean more than words can say. Thanks Debby and My Hearing Center for all I've been missing.

    Shelia F.